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IHS Harmony v2021 meyer v2019
In J2ME Polish we have taken out the guess work of defining and understanding all of the different J2ME features required in order to develop a robust app. There is no more need to scroll through documentation and muddle through tutorials in order to know what a Java Class or Portlet is, we have done that for you!
We have included a guide that runs you through all of the features of J2ME Polish and makes it really easy to get going. It contains definitions of all of the core J2ME APIs and all of the basic GUI and User Interface elements so that you can start to see how these are put to use. We have done this by using code examples to illustrate each concept. This will show you exactly how a method call or a class definition looks when used within the J2ME environment.
Once you understand the basic features of the J2ME environment and you are comfortable with the features that are included in J2ME Polish, you can start thinking about how you can use the features that are not included in the base J2ME Polish distribution. We have included a large reference section that has all of the J2ME specifications and frameworks and this is divided up into sections for each different J2ME specification and has basic references for each one of the specifications.
Using J2ME Polish will give you the best chance of getting a productive application development environment and have you up and running within a matter of hours!
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Thanks for downloading and using J2ME Polish. We hope that it has been of some use to you and we hope that you will get many hours of enjoyment out of this product.
Happy programming...
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