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How to Create a Good Shopping Experience
People's consumption habits are changing. With the confusing purchase journey we are experiencing, where there are several points of contact with the brand until a purchase is made, offering a good shopping experience has never been more important. It is no longer about purchasing a product or service, but about building relationships with brands to meet certain needs. Continue reading, understand the importance of the shopping experience, the relationship between the marketing and sales departments, and see tips to implement in your company. FIRST: WHAT IS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE? The shopping experience concerns the customer's perception at all times of the buying journey. Not just in contact with the sales representative.

That is it is the set of these perceptions that make. Up the image of your brand in the minds of consumers. To get an idea of how important this is today, a survey by Right Now showed that 86% of consumers would pay up to 25% more for products or services to have a better shopping experience. THE ROLE OF MARKETING AND SALES IN THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Here at Job, we always B2B Email List say that marketing and sales work together, and that the client's commercial department has a huge impact on the results of communication strategies. This is because marketing is the beginning of the process, when we attract people interested in the product/service. However, it is at the time of contact with the commercial sector that the sale actually takes place or not. 

[Image: SEO9.jpg]

This shows the great importance that. Offering a good shopping experience has for the company's results. After all, there is no point in having a great inbound marketing project, which helps in digital presence and authority if, when opportunities come to the first direct contact with the company, they are not well attended, you know? So, how to offer a good shopping experience, uniting online and offline to generate good results? Continue reading and understand but at all points of contact with the brand. This includes everything from the ad he sees, to customer service on social media, through the company's physical space, if applicable, or the online shopping experience.

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