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A Benchmark In Their Field
The most recommendable thing, and also the most difficult thing, is to provide your entire content strategy with a soul, a corporate story that is consistent, has continuity and connects with your audience. Because remember that, after all, you write for people. And speaking of people.. Still haven't read our new ebook? That's where the shots are. Click on the image below to download it. With the holidays just around the corner and the blind of our company half lowered, our heads are more aware of what we will put in the suitcase or not, and sometimes we forget the unforgettable: your company takes vacations, but your clients and future buyers do not rest. According to a study by the company adglow ,of spaniards use social networks more during the summer.

Undoubtedly, a golden opportunity that we cannot waste by putting our social media strategy on hold until september; our followers do not forgive. And it is that, although it is Latest Mailing Database hard for you to believe it, the silence in your social networks will imply that the interaction and the performance of the same go down, also falling the opportunities and the sales. So why not get our nets ready before swapping the office for the beach? Prepare your social media for the holidays in our interesting content section this week, we give you some guidelines to prepare your social media strategy for the summer holidays and we explain how to manage your social networks so that their performance and interaction do not plummet.

[Image: b63acb_bc11b63b7f91430497321339a209aa2e~mv2.jpg]

Successful campaigns on twitter today we want to talk to you about social networks and how important they are to achieve the success of your company. This time we are going to focus on twitter campaigns. Here are the steps to follow to create a campaign on this social network. Here we go! Index of contents social ads: what are they? Image or video description call to action why twitter? Step by step for a campaign on twitter goals segmentation ad placement formats social ads: what are they? Social ads are the ads that we can make through our social networks. These are differentiated by the type of audience we can reach, the objectives that we can promote, and even the formats in which they are shown.

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