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What can the color of "urine" tell us?
Has anyone ever noticed the color of their urine when we urinate? What color will our urine be? Many people may not yet know that the color of the urine can tell you information about your health. Which every time we urinate Most of the ทางเข้า superslot time, the color of the urine will change from the original. Whether it is the cause of taking the drug Eating Or have health problems
Sometimes the color of the urine can help diagnose your current condition. Especially in the assessment of kidney function Because urine is something that is excreted from the body The kidneys filter out waste and excess from the blood. And excreted in urine If the kidneys are not working There will be waste in the blood. Causing abnormal symptoms such as loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, etc.
I must first say that the actual color of the urine is pale yellow, clear, not cloudy. The color of the urine will be more clear only. But if you feel like you have been drinking a lot of water But the color of the urine is still very yellow. In other cases, if you drink less water but the urine color is clear. That indicates that there may be an abnormality in the health problem then that.
Today the INN team will give you some information on urine color. Do you want to know which color? What does it mean? Let's read.
          1.Clear or colorless
          If your urine appears clear or colorless Show that each day you drink a lot of water. Causing the electrolyte levels in the body to be too low But if the color of your urine is clear only from time to time, that is normal. But in case of not drinking much water However, the color of urine remains clear and may indicate certain diseases in you, such as kidney disease, diabetes, etc.
          2. Dark yellow
          If your urine is a dark yellow color, you may just be drinking too little water. Therefore, each day you should drink more water.
          If your urine is bright yellow or neon yellow. Show that you have previously taken supplements or vitamins. The urine of this color is not harmful to the body. Just maybe you are consuming more supplements or vitamins than your body needs. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
          4. Opaque white
          If your urine is cloudy. This indicates that you may be drinking excessive amounts of milk, causing phosphate crystals or being caused by a urinary tract infection such as cystitis Cone inflammation It may also be caused by the presence of lymph in the urine.
          5. orange
          If your urine comes in orange If your body is dehydrated. There may be problems with the liver or gallbladder. Or it could be caused by your intake of vitamin C, vitamin B2, or a lot of carrots. It must be said that some drugs can cause urine to turn orange, such as sulfasalazine. Phenazopyridine; Isoniacid Some laxatives, etc.





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