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п»їMichigan launches online sports betting, casino games Friday.
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Online sports betting and casino games will start in Michigan at noon Friday, an expansion of options for gamblers who now wager through offshore sites.
State regulators have authorized licenses for all three Detroit casinos and seven of the dozen tribes with “Class III” casinos. Additional operator and platform provider licenses are expected to be approved in coming weeks.
Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director Richard Kalm this week called the launch a “new era,” saying it will give casinos an additional way to engage with customers and provide state and local governments with extra tax revenue.
Large players in the U.S. mobile gambling market such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM are launching apps and enticing people age 21 and older with deals to sign up. Big sporting events this weekend including the AFC and NFC championship games and a UFC bout featuring start Conor McGregor.
Sports and internet gambling were legalized under a law enacted more than a year ago, before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Casinos began accepting in-person sports wagers in March but had to wait for the creation of a licensing system for online operations, which have taken on increased significance amid state-ordered shutdowns or capacity restrictions at casinos to curb COVID-19.
“It’s clear to us that there’s incredible demand among Michiganders for at least sports betting. But my expectation is that online casino and in due course poker will be equally popular,” said BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt. His company’s app — previously launched in 10 states — is connected to MGM Resorts, including the Detroit casino and hotel.
Greenblatt said the state’s 8.4% online sports betting tax is “very sensible,” allowing licensed operators to compete with offshore sites.
“You’ve got a group of players who have long been betting offshore. We would like to see them bring their play back on shore,” he said. He said there will be minimal if any “cannibalization” of business from players who typically visit casinos but instead will play on the internet.
“We see an expansion of the market — so new players coming in to enjoy our product,” Greenblatt said, adding that MGM, like other casinos, will incentivize online gamblers to redeem rewards points by visiting onsite.
Casinos offering online games like blackjack will pay a tax of between 20% and 28%, depending on their amount of adjusted gross receipts. Net new annual revenues to the state and Detroit, which has commercial casinos, are projected to total $18.6 million and $13.7 million respectively, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.
The money will go to the state’s school aid fund, which covers public schools. It also will be earmarked to a state fund that compensates first responders for lost wages and medical benefits if they get cancer from fighting fires.
Municipalities with tribal casinos will receive a portion of tax revenues, too.
Noting of flurry of internet gambling and sports betting ads in recent weeks, state Attorney General Dana Nessel urged potential online gamblers to read the fine print before signing up.
“In some instances, site users may be required to spend or deposit a certain amount of money into an account before receiving their free play credits, and users should make themselves aware of such conditions so they are not taken off guard,” she said.

There’s a Plan to Bring Sports Gambling to the Futures Market.
Proponents of a new proposal before the CFTC say they’ve found a way for legal sportsbooks to manage their risk.
The futures market is often referred to as Wall Street’s casino. Now, in a twist, there’s a proposal to let casinos start trading futures.
The marriage of the gambling industry and high finance is being pushed by a cryptocurrency exchange and a Washington lawyer. Hoping to grab a piece of the billions of dollars flowing into the U.S. sports betting industry, they’ve designed futures contracts based on National Football League games and are petitioning regulators to bless them.
That could be challenging: Congress banned financial instruments involving gaming in 2010. But the promoters argue that the futures, tied to the outcome of a football game, have nothing to do with gambling. Instead, they’re marketing the contracts as risk management tools for legal sportsbooks, akin to any other financial derivative a business might use to offset potential losses or protect against price swings. They’re essentially asking regulators to think of casino operators as farmers, but instead of using futures as insurance against a bad crop they might be trying to hedge a Tampa Bay Buccaneers win.
Trading in the football futures would be limited to licensed sportsbooks, vendors, and companies that agree to help set prices and take the other side of trades as market makers. Individuals and hedge funds that may just want to speculate on the contracts would be barred from the market. “This is not a substitute for gaming,” says Thomas Chippas, the chief executive officer of ErisX, the exchange that wants to list the contracts. “There is underlying economic risk that is being hedged.”
ErisX formally asked the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in mid-December to approve the futures, setting off a 90-day waiting period so that the agency could seek comments from the public. The exchange and its partner, attorney Jeff Ifrah, have spent several months meeting with the agency’s commissioners and making their case with help from a well-connected CFTC lobbying firm, Delta Strategy Group. If the CFTC assents to their proposal, they would like to quickly offer futures for professional basketball and baseball as well.
Sports Betting.
The CFTC is treading carefully. It’s asked interested parties to weigh in on a series of questions, including whether the futures “are contrary to the public interest”; whether they could be used to influence the outcome of a sporting event; and if the products would fall under the ban on gaming contracts. If the agency signs off, some critics say the regulator, which was established mainly to police agricultural commodities and protect farmers, would be entering into territory it knows little about.
It could also in essence be putting a government stamp of approval on the gambling industry. Even if individuals are never allowed to trade such futures, giving gaming companies the ability to transfer some of their risk would allow casinos to accept more—and larger—wagers. “The only winner under this type of proposal are the casinos themselves,” says Les Bernal, national director of the Washington advocacy group Stop Predatory Gambling. “It’s going to lead to citizens losing billions of dollars more money than they already are losing.”
The CFTC’s “approval is highly unlikely,” says Patrick McCarty, who runs his own government affairs firm and as a Senate Agriculture Committee aide helped draft the derivatives provisions in the 2010 law that barred gaming contracts. He also notes that the CFTC should be wary of setting a precedent that down the road could put it in the position of doing an end run around gambling regulation, which is the responsibility of the states. “It’s like opening a door that the commission doesn’t want to go through.”
Another potential hurdle is the sports leagues themselves. In comments to the CFTC, both the NFL and the National Basketball Association were lukewarm on the prospect, saying the agency should take its time studying the issue. “We want to work with the sports leagues to make sure their concerns are addressed,” Ifrah says.
The CFTC’s decision is likely to be closely watched not only in the gaming world but also on Wall Street, where gambling is a favorite pastime of traders. Gaming is seen as a big business opportunity as well. Betting on individual sporting events, which was legalized by the Supreme Court in 2018, now accounts for an estimated $1.4 billion in annual revenue in the U.S., and data firm H2 Gambling Capital predicts that may double soon. Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia now allow sports wagering, and more are considering legalizing it.
“The numbers in this space are enormous,” says Chippas of ErisX. His company was brought into the venture after its lobbyists at Delta Strategy introduced the company to Ifrah. A criminal defense attorney who’s also developed an expertise in gaming law, Ifrah came up with the idea for the contracts and launched a business called RSBIX to design and market them. The lawyer says he’s never placed a bet himself.
In its application, ErisX is seeking approval for three different types of contracts on NFL games, each mirroring a common type of bet. One is based on the so-called moneyline, a wager on the outright winner of the game. Another contract takes into account the point spread for the favored team. And the third is on the “over-under,” or the total points scored. The futures are designed to help solve a problem in sports betting that’s cropped up because it’s legal only in individual states. That can result in the local team drawing most of the wagers, setting up a sportsbook for an imbalance that could potentially lead to a big loss.
The problem is particularly acute, the futures advocates say, with high-profile events such as the Super Bowl. In its CFTC application, ErisX cited reports of Rhode Island- and New Jersey-licensed sportsbooks losing millions on the 2019 game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams—which the Patriots won, 13-3—because of uneven betting. The disparity, ErisX and Ifrah say, could be eased by the gaming company buying or selling futures contracts on games it’s concerned about. Sportsbooks make money on fees charged to bettors, so they try to stay as neutral as possible in the wagers they accept.
The trades would work like this: A casino in Pennsylvania, say, that’s getting too many bets on the Philadelphia Eagles against the Patriots is nervous that an Eagles win will force it to pay out much more than it’s taken in. The casino goes to the exchange and sells contracts based on the game, taking a position that the Patriots will win. The buyer on the other side could be a sportsbook in New Hampshire with the opposite problem.
Once a sportsbook makes a request to buy or sell, it will go to a central order book where other casinos, vendors, and market makers could see the offer and agree to the trade. From that point on the futures can be bought and freely sold by any of the allowed market participants before the game.

As Sports Gambling Grows, So Do Appetite-Whetting Sure Bets.
Online gambling sites are offering can’t-lose propositions, giving away easy money to attract new customers to a nascent multibillion-dollar industry. These come-ons should reach a peak just ahead of the Super Bowl.
Published Feb. 2, 2021 Updated Feb. 3, 2021.
You’ve heard it all your life: There is no such thing as a sure thing. Well, that was before betting on sports could be legal anywhere in the United States. Now it’s a free-for-all of easy money as sports books in search of new customers hype their services on sports broadcasts, social media and drive-time air waves.
Last week in Michigan, where online betting recently became legal, the gaming company FanDuel was happy to give new customers their beloved Detroit Pistons and an eye-popping plus 159.5 points against the Los Angeles Lakers. Bettors didn’t need the can’t-lose points — Detroit won, 107-92, costing the sports book $2 million in payouts.
For FanDuel, it was money well spent. For about $45 a head, the site signed up nearly 47,000 new Michigan bettors.
In the gambling industry, can’t-miss propositions and cash handouts are time-tested ways to build market share quickly. These come-ons will peak just ahead of this weekend’s Super Bowl, the holiest of occasions in the religion of sports and the most-watched television show in the United States.
With DraftKings’ “Big Game No Brainer,” a new user will be able to turn $50 into $100 if either Tampa Bay or Kansas City scores a single touchdown in Sunday’s game. “Win Terry Bradshaw’s Money,” brought to you by FOX Bet, has already become a staple of N.F.L. programming on the network.
Bookmakers have said the sports betting market is maturing faster than they anticipated, with an unfortunate and unlikely assist from the economic devastation left by the coronavirus pandemic.
“The tipping point is here. What we went through last year is the driver,” said Kip Levin, the chief executive officer of FOX Bet. Even with the disruption in sports, Levin said, 14 betting states collectively took in more than $1 billion in revenue in 2020, demonstrating that sports gambling can bolster economies in new markets.
“State officials recognize this and now they need revenues for their state,” he said.
Less than three years after the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibited sports gambling in most states, betting on games is legal and underway in 20 states and the District of Columbia.
The more than $1 billion in 2020 revenue is projected to grow sixfold by 2023, according to a study by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, a research and consulting firm. If all 50 states permit sports betting, revenues will surpass $19 billion annually, the study projects.
Multibillion-dollar industries will beget multibillion-dollar marketing as bookmakers, media companies and tech entrepreneurs have rushed in to claim their place in the market.
“Sports betting now is like water and finding its way into everything, especially now when operators are trying to attract new customers,” said Chris Grove, a partner at Eilers & Krejcik. “In a mature market like the United Kingdom, a mid-tier bookmaker will spend about 40 cents of every dollar acquiring and retaining new customers. Here we’re seeing a 100 percent or more spend on each buck.”
Last year, bookmakers spent more than $200 million on television advertising alone, according to the advertising information company MediaRadar, and since mid-June of 2020 they have increased their television spending by 82 percent over the previous year. Sports gaming executives have said they expect to double that amount on advertising and promotions by year’s end, as betting operations move closer to opening in five more states — Washington, North Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, and South Dakota.
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, who is banking on the State Legislature to approve mobile sports betting this spring, has said it could bring hundreds of millions of dollars into state coffers as New York is facing a multi-billion-dollar deficit. Despite his enthusiasm, Cuomo said he wanted the state to have tight control over the betting platforms, likening sports gambling to the state-run lottery.
“This is not a moneymaker for private interests to collect just more tax revenue,” he said. “We want the actual revenue from sports betting.”
No matter what deals are reached in New York, betting on sports has already demonstrated a grip on American culture and a capacity to assault our senses.
Sports gaming executives acknowledge there is a fine line between seducing new customers and exhausting them. Officials at DraftKings and FanDuel said they had learned from mistakes they made trying to bring daily fantasy sports to the market.
In 2015, the two sports books blanketed television with advertising, spending more than $100 million each, consistently ranking among the top companies each week in airtime purchased. During the N.F.L.’s opening weekend alone, DraftKings and FanDuel spent more than $27 million for about 8,000 television spots, according to data from, which measures national TV advertising.
The aggressive marketing helped lift each company’s valuation to $1 billion, but it also brought scrutiny from state attorneys general who were not convinced the fantasy games were legal. With expensive legal challenges and a backlash among customers, both businesses were badly damaged.
“We spent a lot of money. It was not the wisest thing to do,” said John Avello, the director of the sports book at DraftKings. “It did make us well known. Now we do it smarter.”
Mike Raffensperger, chief marketing officer at FanDuel, said sports books were merely following in the footsteps of Netflix, Uber and other digital companies that pioneered new markets.
This time around, FanDuel wants to become part of the sports media landscape by exploiting social media and making exclusive content partnership deals with networks like TNT and Entercom Radio, one of the country’s largest owners of sports talk radio stations.
With sports betting measures under consideration in heavily populated states such as California, Texas and Florida, sure-thing bets are certain to be dangled before new customers for years to come. Sports betting and its place in American culture are here to stay.
“What the public thinks is going to happen in a game, which team is going to cover the spread, has become part of the larger narrative of sports,” Raffensperger said. “Betting on games has become part of the sports ecosystem.”

Big game, big worries? Gambling addiction grows with Illinois’ booming sports betting industry — ‘It’s in your face all the time’
The number of Illinoisans seeking help for problem gambling has almost doubled since legislators approved a massive gambling expansion in 2019. Experts expect that number to keep growing.
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A man who requested that he only be identified as Anthony stands by a window in a high-rise condo near Soldier Field on Friday. The Tinley Park man is a recovering sports gambling addict. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times.
Thousands of football fans will be placing their first legal Super Bowl bets in Illinois this weekend, and for most, a little action will make the big game just a bit more entertaining.
But, for some, it might open the door to regular betting, adding a quick dopamine hit to the regular season viewing experience. Maybe they’ll have to start budgeting for a new habit. Maybe they’ll have to start borrowing for it.
And, for a select few, it will get worse.
It’s already gotten worse for hundreds of people statewide since Illinois legislators approved a massive gaming expansion a year and a half ago, introducing legal sports wagering to a state that’s already packed with more places to gamble than Las Vegas.
The COVID-19 pandemic has made matters even worse, according to Luke, a Chicago-area problem gambler who was able to get out of the game nine years ago. Economic uncertainty and the general malaise of the quarantine lifestyle make gambling all the more enticing.
“It used to be that there was a stigma, and gambling was taboo. It was seedy,” said Luke, who asked that his full name not be used. “Now, you can do it on your phone. The companies that are doing it are publicly traded Fortune 500 companies.”
A man who asked that he only be identified as Anthony reads news about the Super Bowl on his phone Friday. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times.
Calls to the state’s gambling disorder hotline more than doubled from 2019 to 2020, when 13,258 people reached out either there or online for information on a problem that experts say is out of sight but front of mind for a growing number of bettors and their families. The Illinois Department of Human Services, which aims to connect problem gamblers with counseling resources, calls that a “dramatic increase.”
In 2019, about 580 people received treatment for gambling disorders through state-sponsored programs across Illinois. That figure jumped past 1,000 in 2020, and experts say it doesn’t even cut the deck as only an estimated 3% of problem gamblers acknowledge they have a problem, and even fewer seek treatment.
Counseling gets boost with Illinois gambling expansion — but more addiction is sure to follow.
State’s all-in gambling expansion offers new temptation for those struggling to stay out.
Hundreds more took the more drastic step of banning themselves from casinos and the smartphone betting apps that have them hooked. About 13,500 people were enrolled in the self-exclusion program maintained by regulators at the Illinois Gaming Board in mid-2019, but that number has since shot past 14,000.
Many of those gamblers cite their temptations as coming from the state’s 10 casinos, three horse racing tracks and 7,233 bars, restaurants, gas stations and VFW halls that also house slot machines.
But since mobile sports betting launched last summer, Illinoisans can now gamble 24/7 from the comfort of home — and they’ve already lost more than $101 million doing so, according to Gaming Board revenue figures.
Blackhawks analyst Eddie Olczyk placed Illinois first legal sports bet in March 2019. Gamblers across the state have wagered more than $1.4 billion since then — and lost $101 million. Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times.
As the billion-dollar industry keeps growing, addiction counselors say they’re hearing more and more from young people glued to the sports betting apps whose ads saturate Illinois airwaves and billboards.
“It’s in your face all the time,” said Dr. Teresa Garate of the Gateway Foundation, a network of 16 addiction treatment centers statewide. “It’s becoming a part of everyday life. Everyone accepts it, but it’s a serious trigger for some.”
That’s the case for Anthony, a 36-year-old recovering problem gambler from southwest suburban Tinley Park, who said he often finds himself changing the station as sports talk radio hosts dissect the latest betting lines.
“It’ll just be too much, it’s too close,” Anthony said. “Even though I don’t think it’ll lead me down there, I know better than to let my mind start thinking like that.”
Anthony reads his favorite passages from ‘A Day at a Time’ a book by Gamblers Anonymous. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times.
Elizabeth Thielen, a senior director at Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, said she’s seen yearly increases of people seeking help for gambling disorders across Chicago’s north suburbs, but a “real burst” of clients has sought them out in the past nine months.
“The ages we’re seeing are trending younger, and I think that’s directly related to sports betting,” Thielen said. “At the same time, I feel hopeful because you have young people showing a surprising level of insight to find help.”
Way Back Inn executive director Anita Pindiur is pictured outside the Maywood facility in 2019. Sun-Times file.
While there’s been an influx of new problem gamblers, the potential for relapse is an equal concern for Dr. Anita Pindiur, executive director of the Way Back Inn, a Maywood treatment center. About 10 former patients have already returned to the Way Back Inn for counseling this football season alone.
“Sometimes, we forget how quickly it can happen,” Pindiur said. “These things are advertised in a way that they’re fun and entertaining, and they should be. But often there is no set of limits or recognition of the limits until we get our credit-card bill, or somebody points it out.”
Illinois sports betting market could rival Nevada’s, analysts say.
Sports bettors have already wagered $1.4 billion since legal industry launched in Illinois.
COVID-19 puts new Illinois casino licenses on hold.
Besides financial ruin, experts say people who suffer from gambling addiction are more likely to suffer from substance abuse issues, turn to crime or even attempt suicide.
“I was losing everything,” said Patrick, a 35-year-old Niles man who’s 13 months removed from his last bet. “I’d have a paycheck on a Friday afternoon and it would be gone by Friday night. My relationships with my family and whoever I was dating, it just got out of control. I was lying, I was stealing, I was doing all these crazy things.”
As sports betting has been brought out of the shadows into everyday life, counselors say their challenge now is removing the stigma around seeking treatment for addiction — and they say they’re making progress through increased awareness. That’s been boosted with the help of $7 million set aside in the state’s gambling expansion law in grants for treatment centers, which have used a lot of that money to bolster advertising.
The Way Back Inn is one of only a handful of addiction treatment centers in Illinois that provide a gambling-specific program. Sun-Times file.
“One of the biggest barriers to treatment is stigma, especially for gambling,” said Garate, from the Gateway Foundation. “People don’t see it as a real addiction. It is, and help is out there.”
Just how many people need help is unclear. Experts generally estimate that between 2% and 5% of the population deal with gambling disorder, which would project to about 635,000 people across Illinois, including about 136,000 in Chicago.
For more information on problem gambling support, call 1-800-GAMBLER or text “ILGAMB” to 53342.
But there’s been no comprehensive study of the problem in Illinois since 1999, well before video slots dotted the walls at thousands of establishments across the state and sportsbooks were accessible anywhere that had a cellphone signal.
“You have to believe those numbers are different now,” Thielen said.
The state Department of Human Services is out to find out just how much they’ve shifted with the onslaught of gambling options. The agency launched a $500,000 study last fall surveying treatment providers, problem gamblers and others to gauge the prevalence of addiction, especially among populations considered vulnerable or marginalized due to race, culture, economic or social disparity.
“We want to know what’s the challenge, and what should we look for,” said David Jones, who directs the department’s Substance Use Prevention and Recovery Division. “Then, you can start to bring more evidence-based solutions on a size consistent with the scale of the challenge.”

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