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Best Lighting Trends of 2023
It's time to stop thinking of lighting as the jewelry of the room and start thinking of it as the head-turning gown. Statement lighting is having a moment right now, and designers are choosing lighting near the beginning of the decorating process—even before the furnishings, upholstery, and wallcoverings. Get more news about Ceramic Pendant Lamps Manufacturer,you can vist our website!

With such an emphasis on lighting styles and fixtures, the options can be overwhelming. To help you plan your next room refresh, designers and lighting experts are dishing on the most popular trends of 2023. Take inspiration from these ideas, which range from practical to aesthetic.

1. Statement Light Fixtures
Statement fixtures act as sculpture in a room. “A fixture can change a room in a dramatic way—from the aspect of the light it provides, but also from the scale and form of the texture,” says Greg Martin, creative director for Kichler.

When choosing a statement light fixture, consider scale: They should be bigger than the other lighting features in the room, but not imposing. Consider how the fixture illuminates a space. Does the fixture give direct light? Bounce light off the ceiling? Cast a pattern through glass or a shade? “It all adds visual drama,” Martin says.

2. Nods to Nostalgia
A longing for the past and simpler, if idealized, times is a natural response to a few years of pandemic, unrest, and a possible global recession. Classic silhouettes from influential design periods—from old world to midcentury—and new interpretations will emerge in lighting this year.
3. Brass and Black Finishes
This winning combination continues to dominate. While farmhouse and industrial lighting styles are still popular, warmer blacks with heritage or vintage-look brass bring a new twist. While you definitely can score secondhand pieces that feature the antique brass look, there are also plenty of new options on the market that mimic this style.

4. Natural Tones
Natural elements are popular in all elements of home decor right now, and lighting is no exception. Woven grasses (like rattan and seagrass), stone, rough-cut crystals, and even highly reactive ceramic glazes continue to be style front-runners.
5. Trending Glass
The soft glow from white glass creates less glare. Less glare means everyone using the room will see better. While LED bulbs have become much more stylish and attractive, white or patterned glass can disguise a bulb if needed. If you choose a clear glass fixture, "find one that’s totally sealed so dust doesn’t get into it,” says Bob Warmbold, certified lighting consultant at Accent Lighting.

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