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Is An Electric Gate A Good Investment?

Everyone has seen an electric gate - and if you have the land, the majority of people have considered purchasing one. They look great, save you getting out the car to get onto your driveway, and add some extra security to your property. Some models even feature an intercom system - so you do not even have to leave the house to open the gate. With all these amazing features, is an electric gate right for you?


The advantages of an electric Photo eye gates sensors repair service are obvious, the ability to stay in your car when it's raining or cold could seem like a large enough advantage alone to warrant the purchase. Another main advantage is the security they offer to a home. It could also add value to your house when you decide to sell it.


The real disadvantage is the cost. Having a gate fitted can be very expensive, depending on the style, make, and requirements. If there is no electric running to the bottom of your garden, a cable will need to be put in, and buried. This can add additional costs. Repairs can also be expensive. Depending on the gate model you buy - will also change the way you can enter your grounds. Insure to buy a gate with a radio frequency key fob system - as a keypad on the gate itself means you will still need to leave the car to enter the code and open the gate. This eliminates a major benefit of the new installations.


The decision to buy an iron fence repairwill be down to the home owner - and if they have the money to have the installation completed. The maintenance should also be a consideration. Always read reviews of the gates available, and buy the best one you can afford. Think of features that could be a real benefit - security lighting, multiple key fobs, with the ability to add additional items, and an intercom system all improve the usefulness, and justify the price of having the gate installed.

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