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The Pioneers of FPC Cable Connectors in China
The Pioneers of FPC Cable Connectors in China
Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) cable connectors have become an integral part of the electronics industry, offering a high degree of flexibility and reliability. This article delves into the world of FPC cable connectors in China, highlighting the key manufacturers and their contributions to the industry.Get more news about China Fpc Cable Connector Suppliers,you can vist our website!
China is home to numerous manufacturers specializing in FPC cable connectors. These companies offer a wide range of products, catering to various applications in the electronics industry4.
Dalee Electronic is one such manufacturer that stands out for its quality FPC cable connectors. Their products range from 0.4mm pitch board-to-board connectors to 5-pin USB C connectors. They also offer connectors with different footprints, from 4p-60p, catering to a wide array of customer needs.
Another notable manufacturer is Shenzhen Homyet Parts Electronic Co., Ltd. They offer a variety of FPC cable connectors, including a .0mm p FPC/FFC connector and a flat .5mm pitch pin flat cable connector. These products are designed for various applications, including power, automobile, RF, audio & video, PCB, microwave, and UHF.
Shenzhen Cirlink Electronic Co., Ltd is also making waves in the industry with their innovative FPC cable connectors. They offer a range of LCD socket drawer type connectors with different connection styles and pitches. These products are designed to support low-frequency operations and cater to all-in-one card numbers.
SHENZHEN FORMAN PRECISION INDUSTRY CO., LTD is another key player in the industry. They offer a variety of FPC cable connectors, including a high-frequency ZIF interface connector and a high-voltage SMD flat lithium-ion blade battery connector. These products are designed for high-performance applications and offer excellent reliability.
In conclusion, China’s FPC cable connector manufacturers play a pivotal role in the global electronics industry. Their innovative products have enabled more efficient and flexible solutions for electronic interconnections. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these manufacturers to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with FPC cable connectors.

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