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High-Quality Fused Alumina: A Cornerstone of Modern Industries
High-Quality Fused Alumina: A Cornerstone of Modern Industries
Fused alumina, also known as fused aluminum oxide, is a synthetic hard mineral based on α-aluminum oxide. It is produced by smelting calcined bauxite and alumina in electric arc furnaces by electrothermal fusion at temperatures of around 000°C. The resultant fused aluminum oxides show a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, close to diamond (Mohs 0), the hardest known substance.Get more news about high quality fused alumina,you can vist our website!
There are two main types of fused alumina - white and brown. White Fused Alumina has the characteristics of high purity, good self-sharpness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and stable thermal performance. Its hardness is higher than that of brown fused alumina.
Brown Fused Alumina is obtained from a mixture of high-quality bauxite, coal, and iron scrap in an electric arc furnace at high temperature. Its thermal properties make it an excellent material for use in the manufacturing of refractory products.
High-quality fused alumina is used in a variety of applications. It is used in grinding, blasting, and cutting operations and to produce refractory materials. Fused aluminas are well suited for use in many different industries such as abrasives, refractories, sandblasting etc.
In the abrasives industry, fused alumina grits are put to use in grinding, machining, blasting, cutting operations and for the production of shaped or unshaped refractory materials. The sharp-edged grains, great load-bearing capacity, a high degree of shock resistance and thermal and chemical stability of fused alumina make it an ideal material for these applications.
In the refractory industry, the thermal properties of Brown Fused Alumina make it an excellent material for use in the manufacturing of refractory products. These products are used in a variety of industries including steel production, cement production, and glass making.
Fused alumina is also used in other industries such as aerospace, automotive, environment, home & commercial products, medical among others. Specialty powders like ABRAL®, Bubble Alumina and Nitrides are also available.
The production of high-quality fused alumina requires expertise and precision. Companies like Imerys and NICHE Fused Alumina have made significant strides in this field. Imerys is the world’s largest producer of fused alumina with production sites for aluminum oxides worldwide. NICHE Fused Alumina specializes in producing White Fused Alumina and offers a wide range of products for various applications.
In conclusion, high-quality fused alumina plays a crucial role in modern industries. Its unique properties make it an invaluable resource in a variety of applications from abrasives to refractories. As technology continues to advance, the demand for high-quality fused alumina is expected to grow.

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