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Plan your communication strategy
The report states that “by the end of 2021, 5.3 billion people will be subscribed to mobile services, representing 67% of the world population”, and that “over the period to 2025, there will be an additional 400 million new mobile subscribers, most of them from Asia, bringing the total number of subscribers to 5.7 billion (70% of the world's population)'. So if you're not already using SMS marketing, now is a great time to experiment and get started. A marketing calendar is essential to be able to order by dates all the actions that you will carry out throughout the year. 

Consumers are increasingly demanding (for this reason Belgium Email List campaigns or  content improvised) and companies continue to take giant digital steps, therefore, you must get ahead of the competition by planning the actions that you will carry out in the long term to captivate your audience. your users turning them into satisfied customers. One of the factors that leads to the failure of some campaigns is the lack of foresight, since too much time is left to improvisation or it is too late to organize actions that require more time than is available. In the following post we explain: What is a marketing calendar. Why you should use it for your business. 

[Image: b53c07_6103ac71afc54eed96392ea81b3fdcd3~mv2.jpg]

What is a Marketing Calendar A marketing calendar is a tool increasingly used by companies and organizations to put "face and eyes" on their marketing strategy at a certain time: What is going to be communicated, when, on which channels, what content we need to create, which It is our budget, what are the objectives... We are talking about a document in which all the actions are planned with their corresponding launch date. All this will help to have an internal organization in which all members of the organization can carry out their work smoothly and above all, meeting the objectives. Why use it in your business Thanks to your own marketing calendar that works as an agenda or schedule, you will be able to take control of your communication without unforeseen events or lack of organization. Here we share some of its advantages: You will not have lost marketing activities along the way. It allows coordinating team members.
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