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Stages of moving furniture from Riyadh to the Emirates
Stages of moving furniture from Riyadh to the Emirates
The first stage: the furniture dismantling stage: It is one of the important stages to which we are subject to most of the company’s capabilities. We provide technicians and labor specialized in dismantling air conditioners, electrical appliances, and wooden rooms of all kinds, followed by the packaging stage, which is carried out by the same unpacking team to ensure that the furniture is preserved from damage and the best types of cartons and bags are used. The thickener that keeps the furniture from being damaged or scratched during the next stages.
The second stage: Car shipping is the stage of downloading the furniture from the residence to the car that takes it from Riyadh to the Emirates. The workers of the furniture transport company from Riyadh to the Emirates download all the furniture accurately and quietly, with the possibility of renting winches and electric gendarmes in case the floors are high or the stairwell is narrow The dwelling, then the competent workers arrange the furniture inside the car and connect it in a special way from the inside, with internal barriers to prevent collisions while walking.
The third stage: the transition to the international crossing is the stage of transportation by car, and it is one of the most dangerous stages in the event that the car is not suitable for the long distances that you are traveling, especially in the presence of rough roads within the eastern region and even reaching the land crossing of the UAE, and we are transporting furniture from Riyadh to the Emirates Closed transport vehicles that withstand all difficult conditions with capable drivers who have an international driving license, with laboratory and technical tests for them every period.
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