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If I switch to a different freelance community site, how can I start landing clients?
If you are a java code developer and are experimenting with the freelancing world, you know that you don’t have to put up your portfolio at just one site and then sit back. You must create your profile on various sites to get more reach. If you are new to freelancing sites like Eiliana, you can start by doing the following:
  • [b]First things first: Create your portfolio[/b]
Whatever you are going to do on a freelancing site comes after. The first thing that you must do is create an impressive portfolio as an online java code developer. List all your achievements and contributions, your experience and expertise, your skills, and your strengths. Flaunt everything you have and everything you have done in the software developing field. The more experience, expertise and skills you have, the more chance you will have to land your first client on the new forum.
  • [b]Flaunt your testimonials[/b]
When you work for a client on any project, make sure that at the end of the project, you ask the client for a testimonial. It’s not a hidden fact that a potential client is more likely to hire you if you are recommended by a fellow client, and not based on your ad in the newspaper, or something. So see to it that you get testimonials from your clients after your work, and flaunt them on your profile. 
  • [b]Contribute to articles or tutorials for various sites[/b]
Writing or adding tutorials on your area of expertise is a great way to increase your reach. It may not seem very rewarding at first, but as time goes by, you can make a great impression, and come into the eyes of various clients who come across your write-ups, etc. You can add your written works on your profile to give some glance into your knowledge depth.
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