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Australia secures Moderna vaccine in rollout boost
[Image: _118459697_cc5fac94-e5b8-41c4-8e14-fbdeb84ad99a.jpg]
Australia has secured 25 million doses of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine as the government seeks to boost supplies to support its delayed vaccination drive. superslot

The government said 10 million doses of the mRNA vaccine are due to arrive by the end of the year, and 15 million shots in 2022.

Australia's rollout has lagged behind other nations after initial delays and caution over the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The country has so far administered 2.8 million shots of a Covid vaccine.

That is well short of the 50 million jabs needed to fully vaccinate its population. The country's immunisation programme was recently opened to all Australians aged over 50.

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