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Underbelly Black Heavenly Master of Rebirth
The mask was painted with Peking Opera faces. See him Han Lingling is a joy, this person Han Lingling is naturally know? I never thought I would meet him here? Han Lingling a hand to the faceless is a palm, faceless reaction is also very quick, directly dodge. Seeing that Han Lingling had no face but was somewhat surprised, it was estimated that he had not thought of how to find it quickly. Oh! How can a young boy be so powerful, more powerful than I thought, that he can untie my insect? I didn't think of it! Do you really look down on you? The voice was hoarse and ugly, as ugly as a broken drum. Is it? No face is really shameless! I think you also bully people who have no ability, no wonder wearing a mask, Li Qing's real estate is your hand! Otherwise, no one would be so disgusting. Han Lingling snorted coldly, he really should have known it was him, that is, he would be like that, but also he suffered. Hearing Han Lingling call out his name accurately, his faceless face became thick, and he looked at Han Lingling becoming cautious. What is it like? What if there isn't? Even if I did, what would you do to me? You sabotaged my plan and you deserve my anger? I see now that you know it's me? Come here alone. I think you're looking for death! "I don't know whether you want to die or not. I know you don't release the snake in your hand. Are you looking for death?" Han Lingling looked at him with cold eyes. He stretched out his hand and took out the blazing flag, pointing at the faceless. Are you threatening me? No face is a face of sneer, "I was scared from childhood to adulthood, not you can threaten." Then he laughed. Seeing the small black snake in the faceless hand, already lying soft in the hand,stainless steel shower tray, Han Lingling's heart immediately pulled up, looking at the faceless eyes full of fierce. At this time, Han Lingling's mind kept spinning, looking for the right opportunity to rescue Chi Bai Chi? If the heyday of Han Lingling more need not be afraid of him, but at this time of Han Lingling's spiritual power is not a quarter of the past. Either it's a hit, or if it's not, there's endless revenge. With the fire of the dead. A weak voice came from Han Lingling's mind, and Han Lingling's nerves were for a while, right! Han Lingling's hand back to the back,Flushometer valve, Han Lingling's hand slowly turned blue, from her hand slowly out of a flame in the hands of the rise. No face to see Han Lingling put his hand behind his back, his eyes are a squint, "how do you want to sneak attack?"? Let's see if you have that ability. Finished like Han Lingling's direction rushed, Han Lingling did not shy away from directly putting his hand and faceless hand on, Han Lingling heard a "click". I knew my arm was dislocated, and then a pain came. Han Lingling stepped back a few steps, but his eyes gradually stared at the small black snake on his faceless hand and never left. Ah! My head hurts! The voice came, as the things in his hands were about to fall to the ground, Han Lingling rolled over and took the small black snake in his hand and put her in the wristband. Will these last night, looking at lying on the ground kept rolling without a face, Han Lingling heart without a trace of pity, only feel that he is the most deserved, not to mention the real estate here, on the red and white Chi and Cheng Sicheng's own will not let him go. Looking at Han Lingling coldly looking at himself, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, no face immediately knew his carelessness, looking at Han Lingling baby face, immediately felt so terrible, how could he provoke her? She is a demon! "I was wrong, help me, I apologize to you, you want me to do anything, please take out my body things, I was wrong." No face at this time is really regret, at this time his mind is like something burning, even if he wants to climb up can not. You just said I ruined your plan. What was your plan? Han Lingling didn't forget what he had just said. All right, I said, just.. Namely Before he had finished speaking, the faceless man was lying motionless on the ground. Han Lingling kicked with his foot, and after confirming that he was not pretending, Han Lingling took the fire back. Look at his appearance Han Lingling also did not pay attention to, the fire against the human mind, will not harm the human body itself, see no face has been like this, there is a check, confirm that there is no problem, Han Lingling directly turned away. Before returning to the dormitory, Han Lingling had a look at the condition of Chi Bai Chi, and after confirming that he was a little weak, Han Lingling was relieved. But to no face or mercilessly kicked a few feet, walk away. Han Lingling late back to the dormitory has become a common thing, because this is the teacher in the class also talked to Han Lingling, Han Lingling is also very helpless ah! If you are doing your own business, you must go out at night! Day is not the time for ghosts to travel, it can only be at night! Think about it, it seems to speed up the pace of buying a house. Chapter 50 ghost array Han Lingling is a vigorous person, directly to Li Qing made a phone call, said he wanted to sell a house, the location is near the school, the surrounding clean on the line. Li Qing wanted to say a place, let Han Lingling have no look, but the house is a little noisy, saying that there are some unclean things inside, Han Lingling heard the natural interest, do not look at what he is doing, so Han Lingling is naturally willing. The house is a small villa, a total of two floors, inside the decoration furniture everything, for these Han Lingling is very satisfied. After all, it takes time to decorate, not to mention, it takes a lot of effort. Pushing open the door, I saw that no one had lived in the house for months. The floor was clean, even the tables and chairs were the same. Li Qing thought it was a terrible thing when he saw it. Han Lingling smiled when he saw it. Come on out! Or be careful to catch fire! Han Lingling said with a smile. When Li Qing heard what Han Lingling said, he immediately looked around and looked like he had met a strong enemy. It's all right. It's just to say hello to the unclean people here. If you're afraid,Time Delay Faucet, you can go out. Li Qing looked outside the door and Han Lingling gritted his teeth and said, "I'd better stay here. It should be safer to have you here." It's not Li Qing's fault, but it's really haunted.

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