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General's daily rebellion
Xiao Yi always thought that the only thing the little emperor was afraid of was him, and he always thought that only he was bullying the little emperor, but he didn't think that there were others jumping up and down on one side, so the general couldn't bear it. For a moment, Xiao Yi thought of several ways to kill them. Li Xi shivered, shook his head repeatedly and said, "No, no, that's my analogy.". Don't be angry. He didn't mean to. "Well, I know. I don't blame him." "Eh?" Li Xi blinked his eyes confusedly and looked at him suspiciously. Is General Xiao such a talkative person? It doesn't look like much. Seemingly seeing his doubts, Xiao Yi said lightly: "He has got the best punishment." Betrayed by a woman he loved and killed a brother who lived and died together, what more severe punishment could there be than that? Mingde will live in guilt and regret all his life, and he doesn't need to do anything anymore. For these people, death is really not terrible. Every time they go to the battlefield, they are ready not to come back. They are more afraid of death than death. So Mingde would ask to follow Xiao Yi to the battlefield again, to recapture the city of Qianxi. Lee Suk is muddleheaded, and she has never liked anyone! Men and women have never liked it, and there is no such entanglement at all. Since the general did not kill people, she was relieved. Lee Suk nodded and patted his chest: "That's good, that's good." With that, he did not forget to flatter the general: "The general is really merciful!" I don't know if he can let her live if she does something wrong. Alas. Li Xi felt that she had a good relationship with General Xiao now, and that she had lived and died together. As long as her grandfather did not die,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, even if Xiao Yi rebelled later, it was possible for her to save her life. What mercy? Xiao Yi laughed and said, "It's just empathy." If he were, would he also be blinded by the beauty trap? Xiao Yi's eyes fell on the face of the innocent little emperor, whose eyes were clean and clear, and whose eyes were full of beauty, but at this time he looked at him in ignorance. He must not know, his entanglement,Self-closing Faucet, always optimistic life, as the emperor, even if the status of embarrassment, but also so long so happy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Xiao Yi has never heard of this sentence, but now has been doing, the little emperor in the eyes of Huo Xiao silly white sweet, heartless, to the general here, all become advantages. Empathize? Li Xi twisted his brows, that Mingde lost the city because of the honey trap, that Xiao Yi. Have you ever suffered such a loss? There's gossip! Li Xi's eyes were full of light. He looked at Xiao Yi eagerly and ingratiatingly. He tried to suppress his voice and pretended not to care: "The general is also a man of temperament. Who is the general's lover?" After a pause, she suddenly remembered a possibility and her face changed slightly: "It's not Miss Liu, is it?" Xiao Yi's black eyes stared at him, unable to see any emotion: "What if it was her?" Li Xi's eyes flashed a touch of hesitation, push button toilet flush valve ,Time Delay Tap, reluctant tunnel: "But Miss Liu is not worthy of the general ah." Light words, immediately let general Xiao face a lot better, Li Xi looked at him doubtfully, what's wrong? Did something good happen? Li Xi added, "Miss Liu's character has really jumped off a little, but Miss Feiyan is cool and heroic.." As she spoke, there was a flash of admiration in her eyes. With a yearning look on her face, she said, "Miss Feiyan is a good match for the general. She can sing with her husband and wife on the battlefield. Moreover, she has a good character and is deeply in love with the general. It's a pity.." Too bad she's not a man. Otherwise, we must go after the swallow girl. As Xiao Yi listened, his smile was a little cold. "I didn't know Your Majesty had such a high opinion of the swallow."? What about Rouge? I remember the girl your majesty used to admire was Rouge. ” Rouge? Li Xi was stupefied, say of course: "Everybody is different, Rouge nature also has her advantage!"! Like Miss Liu, although she is a little coquettish, she is also a good girl. Xiao Yi looked at his righteous expression and asked meaningfully, "Since they are all so good, what about you?"? Don't you like them? Who knows Li Xi is one face is serious however, justice is awe-inspiring: "General!"! When it comes to the girls' reputation, you can't be so rash! I love them. Respect, heavy, absolutely no other thoughts! Don't mention that again. Xiao Yi stood up, step by step close to him, Li Xi's original serious expression some tense, dry, why so close? Xiao Yi lowered his head and saw the young man's delicate white skin and the clear smell on his body. "Love it?"? Kyuyuki? Shigeyuki? What about me? What does Your Majesty think? His breath was all over her face! Li Xi couldn't help holding his breath. The hair on my body is going to stand up. Seeing his nervousness, Xiao Yi deliberately got closer to him and said, "What's wrong with Your Majesty? Anyway, we are all men. Why are you so nervous?" Li Xigan laughed twice, then bent down, got out from under Xiao Yi's arm, and ran away. Xiao Yi looked at his back, can not help laughing out loud, he suddenly some understanding of Mingde, if there is such a person in the side, if it is him, will also relax vigilance? Qianxi city lost, Xiao Yi became busy, several days can not see the figure, the army of Donglinguo everywhere dispatch, Li Xi also played a big role. In the study, Lee Suk was painting an unfinished picture when he heard a noise outside. Move out of my way Lu Yan's murderous voice came from outside the door, and then he heard a muffled sound, "Hum, how dare you stop me?"? Do you feel responsible for turning over the military intelligence? It looks like a small bean sprout. How dare you come to die? What are you looking at? Cut! The door was pushed open, and Lu Yan swaggered in and put an official letter in front of Li Xi. In the face of Li Xi, Lu Yan is still very polite, after all,Manual Flush Valve, their family general recently abnormal is a well-known thing, unreasonable people such as General Lu, but also some scruples.

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