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Hades Fairy Road _ Weight Loss Expert _ txt Novel Paradise
It was the second time that the demon had opened his mouth. Hearing the name of 49 plagues, he was really nervous now. And his general mind there are many, in Li Xun's view, regardless of good and evil, this kind of person has an overwhelming advantage, but, the evil door is like leaving the sky, can directly express the meaning of retreat, the monks of the right path, then a lot of scruples. When someone started, someone picked it up. Unexpectedly, it was Chu Chen, the old monster, who spoke next. He was much stronger than the position of the sky. As soon as he opened his mouth, the chaotic scene quieted down. According to Mr. Shui Jing, this cloud of plunder or the aftermath of the 49 plunder, since it is an aftermath, is not the same as the real 49 plunder. At least, it seems unlikely that it will last for a long time. But so? He asked Mr. Shuijing, and Shuijing nodded his approval. With a slight smile on his face, which was as ruddy as a boy's, Chu Chen took his time and said, "The old man admires the ancient sound with such magical powers.". However, this kind of magical power can never be used again. If it is used today, it will not be used tomorrow. Therefore,Self-closing Shower Valve, it is also good for us to temporarily avoid its front. When the cloud of plunder has cleared and the Sanxiu Alliance has exhausted its momentum, all the sects will join forces to fight back. At that time, what else can the ancient sound use? "Master Chu hit the nail on the head!" "The Sa family thinks this is a good idea." "It is wise to retreat in order to advance." Chu Chen's voice fell, and then there were endless people, such as the Lord of the Underworld, who opened their mouths to echo. For a time, the side that declared its retreat was greatly boosted. Li Xun could see clearly that not only the people of the Evil Sect, but also the big men inside the Zhengdao Sect, such as Linfengzi,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Mr. Dayan, and Xuanhua Zhenren, also intended to move. Qiwu, Li Dongjue and Tianhe, who have just experienced the loss of their foundation, have not said anything now. However, the expressions of the three were different. Li Dong felt that his mind was floating, and he obviously lacked confidence in the situation in front of him. There were signs that he had been persuaded by Chu Chen and others. Tianhe looked angry, and he was on the verge of losing his cool. But Qiwu Taoist was still sitting with his eyes closed, as if he had not yet been freed from the interference of the thunder robbery. He did not care about anything outside his body, and his indifference was chilling. At this point, Li Douliang, who had not made a statement for a long time, opened his mouth to speak, but bypassed the core topic and turned to ask Ramesh: "Has Brother Ramesh found out the area covered by the cloud of plunder?" Ramesh laughed and replied, "It's always about three or five thousand Li. It's not a small momentum, and it's still expanding." Three or five thousand Li, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Service Sink Faucets, across the east and west, fighting and walking, is an hour at most. If I want to go, what can the Sanxiu Alliance do to me? On the contrary, if we look ahead and back, and allow the cloud of plunder to expand the scope, we will really be trapped here! Li Tian Yao Dao is definitely the most determined person to retreat, and he is very happy to grab the words. However, as soon as his voice drops, someone sneers: "An hour is enough for these mad dogs outside to tear you to pieces." In the middle of the voice, there was a sudden sound of light explosion in the atmosphere, and then a loud and slow voice rang out: "So it's the butterfly fairy. It's rude." The atmosphere is rippling, and the figure of the butterfly orchid appears silently beside Li Xun with these ripples. She first smiled at Li Xun, then turned to him and shouted, "Toothless tiger, don't say I know you from now on. You're the only one in the world who eats vegetarian food until you're shortsighted!" The other side to this, just ha ha a smile, then no response. Naturally, the object of the water butterfly orchid's ridicule is the half-grown layman of the West Pole Zen. The householder did not participate in the negotiations at the level of the suzerain, but acted as an anchor with Liu Yunzi of the Xuzong Sect, and was inserted in the surrounding group of monks to resist the impact of the Sanxiu Alliance. The sorceress sneaks in with the illusion, deceives others, but can not deceive the flying tiger who is also the seven demons in the universe. As soon as the two men touched each other, there was an instinctive conflict. Fortunately, we all know her relationship with Li Xun, plus the water butterfly orchid breath is unpredictable, and half a layman has been a Buddha for a long time, a strong demon power is also very little hostility, which did not lead to a greater disaster. The sudden episode no doubt eased the tense atmosphere at the scene, but it was a pity that the butterfly orchid had never been a living Bodhisattva who saved people in emergency situations. One moment she was talking and laughing, but in a twinkling of an eye she relapsed into her old ways, with a sarcastic look on her face: "What's the point of retreating in order to advance? It's just to put gold on your own face and find a reason to shrink and protect yourself.". It's just a pity that it's not easy for you to discuss it seriously for a long time, but each of you is still far from the point, and none of you has come to the point. Even Li Xun, who was standing next to him, felt a little headache because of the sharp look in his eyes, but the butterfly orchid didn't care at all. "Do you really not understand or are you pretending to be confused?" He continued? Who has the upper hand in the current situation? Do you really have the right to choose? Or do you want to salivate and wait for Gu Yin to give you this face? The rapid-fire questions were thrown out all at once, which made all the suzerains a little stupefied. Then, perhaps the ancient sound in the distance heard the sarcasm of the butterfly orchid, and the sound of killing on all sides suddenly rose. The rumbling roar of the atmosphere could not suppress the sound of hundreds of thousands of Sanxiu shouting in unison. The two sound waves were combined in one place, and the second wave of trembling and groaning began in the East China Sea at his feet. Roll up nearly ten feet high waves, but not all the big brothers, but everyone's face is extremely ugly. That is to say, in the time of one breath, the front of the surrounding monks suddenly contracted inward, so much so that people almost thought that the circle of people inside was going to be squeezed into meat! Also at this moment, even a string of miserable hum low call sound are twisted together, no one knows just a moment, how many of their own monks were killed or wounded. The front, which was still stable, was tottering, and it seemed that it would be filled into the sea at any time under the huge waves of emptying. "Move, move now!" There was a hot-tempered monk shouting around, which was probably the most realistic and urgent voice. With a slight look in their eyes,stainless steel toilet, the friar in the inner circle shook the wind and stood up. His face was no longer as humorous as it used to be. He said in a harsh voice, "There is such a great disparity in the number of people. How can you lose the only mobility again?"? Ladies and gentlemen, why don't you make a decision? "What's the use of knowing now?" 。

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