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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world
Then he got off the Kang and started the fire, and soon there was a loud roar from the stove, as if the wind was roaring. In a moment. The stove has been burning red, red light, crystal bright, at any time will be soft like molten iron. The warmth in the room rose quickly, but it was uncomfortable to cover the quilt. Xiao Yuesheng went back to the Kang, took off his clothes completely, and faced each other naked. His muscles were well-proportioned and did not bulge. It's not weak and thin. Du Wenxiu blushed, peeked at him, and her heart moved. She had always thought that men's bodies were ugly and hard to see, but now when she saw Xiao Yuesheng's body, she found that she was wrong and could not be generalized. At least. His body is not too ugly. Xiao Yuesheng sat cross-legged on the quilt and said in a gentle voice, "Take it off, too.". When the mind is calm, we can begin. Du Wenxiu blushed and felt very hot. As soon as he touched Xiao Yuesheng's warm eyes, his distracting thoughts disappeared. He nodded and went out. The matter had come to this point. It was useless to be coy again. Soon he untied his clothes, undressed, and revealed his snow-white body. She lowered her head and bit her lower lip tightly, and the crystal tears slowly slid down. Long and tight, like ivory carved, arms close to block the jade peak, even so, it is difficult to hide her beautiful curve, attractive Fengzi, the view of the blood flow. Xiao Yuesheng just looked at her lightly, but there was no response. "Wenxiu," he said, "it will be even more embarrassing later. Just be generous. People come and go. It doesn't have to be like this." Du Wenxiu nodded, but he was still shy. She raised her head, slowly put down her hands, and the snow-white towering Jade Lady Peak trembled,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, which made people tremble with it. She sat up cross-legged, silent, her eyes gradually turned from shyness to Pure Brightness, cold and silent, slowly, her eyes were as quiet as water, as if they were normal. Xiao Yuesheng nodded, Du Wenxiu's mind is really excellent, so warm time, can adjust themselves, carefree,Time Delay Tap, extremely rare. Then the situation, Xiangyan unspeakable, two people gradually close, two people combined into one person, Xiao Yuesheng side action, while pointing in a gentle voice, the voice is cold, it is reassuring. Xiao Yuesheng and Du Wenxiu, dressed in neat clothes, sat on the Kang, cross-legged, exercising and meditating. Du Wenxiu's face was ruddy, and there seemed to be a layer of brilliance under his skin, which seemed to be a warm luster of white jade in the sun. Xiao Yuesheng closed his eyes, could not see joy or anger, and was as quiet as a pool of deep water, without any changes in the waves. He was calm on the surface, but happy in his heart. There was a small internal force in his body, which was as cool as water and as mellow as good wine. This cool and refreshing internal force was born at the time of double cultivation, not by himself, but it congealed in the body but did not disperse. It kept flowing along the meridians. When he thought a little, the clear flow would come. Between movement and stillness, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, it was just a thought, which could be said to be like an arm pointing. This internal force is generated by the neutralization of Yin and Yang. It is as warm as jade, without any sharp gas, mellow and gentle. The joy in his heart is indescribable, with this pure and incomparable internal force, with his ability, like a spark, can immediately form a prairie fire. Recalling the situation of Shuangxiu just now, he could not help breathing heavily. At that time, he got rid of distracting thoughts and adjusted his mood. To the realm of ice and snow, all things do not shine, a touch is gone. But in retrospect, when the mood is relaxed, Du Wenxiu's white jade body emerges in front of his eyes, and his blood is flowing. It's hard to restrain oneself. As soon as the distracting thoughts move, the cool internal force surges, and it runs by itself along the route of Qingxin Jue. Suddenly, a cool breath gushes out from Baihui. It seems that the sweet dew from the sky falls and drips down the heart lake. The already rippling heart lake is restored to tranquility, without waves and waves, as clear as a mirror. Reflect everything. Sir Sir "Elder Martial Sister!" "Elder Martial Sister!" Waves of tender voices rang out from the East Room. When Du Wenxiu ordered Sun Yuru, because she was injured, he only sealed her for an hour. At this time, he has already untied the Tao by himself. Du Wenxiu slowly opened her eyes, the room suddenly brightened, her eyes as clear as autumn water, brilliant, and the original is different. Her eyes are clear, a little better than before, and her eyes are full, like autumn water illuminated by the sun, more and more touching. Elder Martial Sister! Elder Martial Sister?! Sun Yuru called in a charming voice. The tone was hurried and angry. Du Wenxiu bit his lower lip, glanced at Xiao Yuesheng, blushed, did not make a sound, and closed his clear and moving eyes. Pick up the curtain, footsteps sounded, Sun Yuru quickly approached, a pick up the curtain. He came in and saw Xiao Yuesheng and Du Wenxiu sitting across from each other with round eyes. Sir Elder Martial Sister? She stared at them with her round eyes wide open, and her eyes rolled around them, revealing the color of inquiry. Xiao Yuesheng opened his eyes and said gently, "Yuru, are you awake?" Is the injury better? "Well," Sun Yuru answered absentmindedly. Eyes fell on Du Wenxiu's face. Staring at her for a moment. Xiao Yuesheng glanced at Du Wenxiu and saw her face slowly turning red. There were two blushes on his cheeks, and he was extremely charming. "Has there been a relapse of evil?" He hurriedly asked. "No." Sun Yuru, still absent-minded, stared at Du Wenxiu and asked doubtfully, "What's the matter with you, Elder Martial Sister?" Du Wenxiu looked up. Her face was flushed, but her eyes were still cold. She glanced at Sun Yuru and said, "Go back to exercise and take care of your injuries." With that, she got up and got off the Kang, put on her boots, turned around and walked out. When she started, she paused, pushed Sun Yuru's hand away, and lifted the curtain out. Xiao Yuesheng shook his head with a wry smile. The pain of breaking the melon was inevitable. The method of double cultivation was to cure the internal injury, but the trauma could not be controlled. Sun Yu Ruxiu's face was even more confused. He turned to look at Xiao Yuesheng, looked at the Kang, wrinkled his nose, and seemed to be sniffing something. Xiao Yuesheng cried out in his heart that it was not good. Although the two of them had double cultivation, later, the double cultivation stopped, and the two of them inevitably had a unique smell. You didn't do anything, did you, sir? She asked doubtfully. Xiao Yuesheng shook his head with a smile and waved his hand. "Go quickly!" Then he closed his eyes, pinched his hands, and went into a calm state, ignoring her. Seeing him like this,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Sun Yuru understood that it was very difficult to force out any words. He gave him a white look and turned around to pick up the curtain and went out. She suspected more and more that the elder sister's complexion was surprisingly good, better than before she was injured, and the unique atmosphere in the Westinghouse was also very strange.

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