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The Dead Man's Sutra
The wounded apprentice had several choices. He was thrown down the cliff to enjoy the treatment of dying in battle. It was an honor in the past, but now it is meaningless. He was sent to the "Accumulated Salary Hospital". Gu Shenwei would rather jump off the cliff than go back to the place where he was waiting for death. With his remaining strength, he asked the apprentice he knew well to send him back to his master's residence. Along the way, he did not even dare to close his eyes for fear that he would be considered unsalvageable. He turned his head and carried him to the cliff of death. As soon as he was put to bed, he fainted and opened his eyes at dusk the next day. The wound was wrapped in a thick bandage, and his nose was full of the strong smell of medicine. Gu Shenwei was secretly ashamed, as if it were a lifetime ago. One moment, he was still thinking of a grand plan to bring down Jinpengbao. The next moment, he could hardly save his own life. If you have a plan in your heart, you must have a knife in your hand. What made him most ashamed was Master Tie Hanfeng's eyes, like a knife twisting his internal organs. You're awake. "Yes, Master." "You can't be loyal to the Eight Young Masters like this." "Yes, Master." "There's no way to repay me." "Yes.." Master. Tie Hanfeng was holding back his anger and staring at his apprentice coldly. Suddenly, he broke out, "Go to TMD, what's wrong with you?"? I asked you to learn something in the White Clothes Courtyard. Did you learn how to get a knife? What about the murderous look? What about hatred? If I were you, I would have cut myself with a knife. I was cut by a mute and had no power to fight back. How can I still live? Gu Shenwei was speechless and blushed almost as red as his master. Tie Hanfeng strode back and forth, his shoulders rising and falling, like a bird flying unsteadily. "Fool, you have made a lot of small plots in the castle, caused a lot of trouble in the city, and you can still live to this day. Why?"? You ***ing hide the internal injuries planted by the Great Wilderness Gate. I won't kill you. Why? Gu Shenwei was still speechless. Because you have killed the opposite fool in five monthly trials,heavy duty plastic pallet, because you can form a bullshit'arm slave gang ', can survive in the big slaughter, so that everyone thinks you are an outstanding killer apprentice. *** me, because of this, eight young Lord has been secretly protecting you, I allow you to mess around. If I had known you were useless, I shouldn't have wasted so much money! Gu Shenwei felt more and more ashamed. It turned out that the master had told the eight young masters that he had been planted by Xue Niang. If he had known this, he might as well have confessed it at the beginning. But at that time,wholesale plastic pallet, he was just an unremarkable slave, and the master might not be willing to endure the trouble. In the case of the assassination of Prince Shiguo, it was not Tie Hanfeng who bought him three days, but his enemy Shangguan Nu. This is really an irony that runs from head to toe, and a shame that can't be washed away by the melting snow of a winter. Remember that, boy. Tie Hanfeng seems to be going to reveal his true face completely. "Your life is not your own. You'd better make it valuable. Although Jinpeng Fort is big, it only keeps the most ferocious dogs. I have a smaller place here. There is no place for waste." What can Gu Shenwei say? Without saying anything, he lay down for one more day and went to the ground, turned out the nameless sword spectrum, read it hard all day, and pinned all his hopes on it. Tie Hanfeng left his disciples to their own devices and went down the mountain to do their own business. Gu Shenwei had enough time to study those profound and obscure words and pictures. The unintelligible words in the last few pages have been proved to have some effect. The previous 29 sword moves also seem to have a strange effect, but the flaw is too big. In the past, he thought it was the problem of the sword spectrum itself, but now he prefers to believe that he is not enlightened. It is too difficult to solve the profound meaning of this book, and Gu Shenwei needs the help of others. That evening was a routine gathering of former "arm slave gang" members, with several fewer participants, plastic wheelie bins ,plastic bulk containers, leaving less than ten apprentices, who had sworn allegiance to their respective masters, which had caused the group to fall apart, and the tragic defeat of Huan Nu was a major blow to morale. The party ended hastily, and the apprentices deliberately did not advance the monthly examination of the previous two days, which made the atmosphere even more awkward. Gu Shen in order to retain the lotus female, the lotus female has the same problem with him, all trapped in the snow Niang's "eight barren finger force", the internal strength stops. That book is no joke. Lotus female first words said Gu Shenwei's mind, two people thought exactly the same, she did not listen to the advice of Huan Nu, but also secretly learning swordsmanship, the same method. From then on, the two men looked for every opportunity to study the nameless sword spectrum together, especially the last few pages of puzzling words, hoping to find out the way to crack the devil. A few days later, there was still no progress, and the two men had to admit that the road was temporarily blocked, and turned to learn the previous 29 sword moves. In the first three days, the two men inspired each other and helped each other a lot, but soon there was a disagreement, and the disagreement became bigger and bigger, to the point of irreconcilability. "Those who kill do not die." This is the outline of the sentence, "killing" is one of the key, so that this set of swordsmanship must be ruthless. This is the point of view of the Dutch woman, and after several arguments, she insisted more and more. You are right, but "for the sake of Tao, it is damaged day by day, so that death, death and then death" clearly means that the goal of "killing" is oneself, and "killing oneself" can "kill people". Gu Shenwei felt that he understood more thoroughly, but could not convince the lotus girl. The two teenagers put all their bets on this wonderful book of unknown origin, thinking about the words no matter whether they eat or sleep, and can't wait to communicate with each other as soon as they have experience. Two people meet too frequently, causing a lot of rumors, Gu Shenwei and the lotus girl simply have no time to take care of, until one day, Gu Shenwei was blocked by several apprentices on the road, he realized that even in the killer's stone castle, there is an emotional river flowing. The apprentices were all members of the original "Arm Slave Gang", who were usually respectful to the slaves, but at this time they all looked gloomy, their tone was stiff, and they were holding their breath. Huan Nu, find a place, we want to ask you a word. Gu Shenwei raised his right hand slightly and could draw his sword out of its scabbard at any time. His martial arts were surpassed by wild horses, but these people were far from him. "If you have something to say, just say it." Several apprentices looked at each other,collapsible bulk container, there were no miscellaneous people before and after, and the leading teenager said, "You.." You and the Dutch girl. What's going on? 。

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