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Super good "I am the villain [fast wear]" author: typewriter n (end)
She watched helplessly as he transformed into a stranger in the palace, listening to more and more people in the former harem began to hate him and fear him. She did not know when the cheerful, straightforward and righteous brother Yan in her memory was just a beautiful dream she had had. Wan Yilan blinked heavily, as if her eyes were filled with wind and sand. She dared not let herself shed tears. Those tears, as early as in the days and nights of more than twenty years ago, flowed clean. Brother Yan once said that she was the princess of the forest, and he was the general who protected the princess. He would make her happy every day without shedding a drop of tears. That was his promise to him. Maybe now he had forgotten his promise when he was young, but Wan Yilan still remembered it, so she didn't want to cry in front of this man. You shouldn't have gotten involved. Under the silent night sky, a man dressed in dark red brocade spoke. Yan Chu looked at the woman covered by black veil not far away, the mood of the fundus is complex, in the dark night as if a mass of fog can not be opened. Pale complexion, dark eyes, red lips, the most seductive and deadly color in the world, was eerily unified on this man. Bang, bang, bang, Wan Yilan exclaimed, no matter when, no matter what the other side has become, her heart, always only in the face of him, can beat so violently. But I'm already involved? Wan Yilan looked at the coquettish and dazzling man in front of her. Had she ever regretted it for more than ten years? Maybe there was. If she knew he was still alive, if she knew he was born in the palace,stackable plastic pallets, she might.. Wan Yilan's mouth with a touch of bitterness, she will still choose to enter the palace, because this buried countless girls in the palace, with him, ah, just give her a chance to do it again, she will never appear in front of him as the woman of Emperor Chengqing, as a concubine. It was as if fate had played a joke on her. She thought she was on the right path, but in the end,foldable bulk container, she found that she was wrong from the beginning. Wan Yilan felt a mist in front of her eyes. She blinked and felt a few drops of wet liquid flowing down her eyes. She raised her hand to wipe her tears and smiled sweetly, just like when they first met. At that time, he was the eldest son of Zhenguo General, and she was the little princess of the Wanyi clan. Before Emperor Chengqing ascended the throne, the Yan family was guarding Dingfeng Pass in the northwest of Dashang, and the residence of the Wanyi clan was more than 20 miles away from Dingfeng Pass. No one knew that Yan Zhaonan had saved the life of the patriarch of the clan, and the two families had jokingly said that they wanted to marry their children, but at that time Yan Chu and Wan Yilan were still young, and the elders of both sides planned to let them cultivate their feelings from childhood, and when they grew up, if they still had that wish, they would decide to marry. Before Emperor Chengqing summoned Yan Zhaonan and his family to the capital on the grounds of his birthday, Yan Chu and Wan Yilan promised to bring her the most fashionable gadgets in the capital. They grew up together, in the heart of Wan Yilan, Yan Chu has long been her future husband. Just with countless expectations, she waited for only the news that Yan's family was slaughtered, followed by Yan Zhaonan's treason and treason. At that time, plastic pallet box ,wholesale plastic pallet, people in the northwest felt insecure, and many of Yan Zhaonan's former subordinates were implicated. The friendship between the Wan Yu clan and Yan Zhaonan was carried out in private, and with the special status of the Wan Yu clan, they withdrew from the matter. Wan Yilan, who was only ten years old at that time, didn't believe that Uncle Yan would commit treason and rebellion. Similarly, she also wanted to investigate the Yan family massacre, but the northwest was too far away from the capital. Even as a little princess of the family, what she could do was limited. Finally, she made up her mind to enter the court as a bride. She only went to the capital. Only when she went to Emperor Cheng Qing's side could she find out more information. When she was fifteen years old, she entered the palace, and when she left the northwest, she set up a tomb for Yan Chu as a survivor, in which all the gifts that Yan Chu had given her were buried. At that time, Wan Yilan, who wanted to reverse the verdict for the Yan family, never thought that the Yan Chu she was thinking about was not dead, and that the other party would appear in front of her again with such a completely different appearance. Although Yan Chu was about ten years old when he was separated from her, because of the perennial exercise of Yan's men, he was tall and strong, his skin was healthy wheat-colored, full of vigor, and his eyebrows and eyes were full of noble righteousness. Yan Chu, who appeared in front of her again, was thin and white as snow, with a kind of morbid beauty. His eyes were gloomy, like snakes and scorpions. In addition, he preferred red and dark purple clothes, which were decadent and fascinating. It was also frightening. Such Yan Chu, let her completely unable to each other and once the teenager together, I'm afraid in addition to her, no one can recognize, the original notorious viceroy Xiao, Xiao Chang Gong, unexpectedly is the eldest son of Zhenguo general. Wan Yilan remembered that Xiao was the surname of Yan Chu's mother's family. The other party changed his surname and lurked in the palace for what, without thinking about it. At the first time of discovering each other, Wan Yilan wanted to recognize Yan Chu, but soon, she became timid. In what capacity did she recognize each other, as the concubine of Emperor Chengqing, as a woman who was likely to be the culprit of the Yan family massacre? She also gave birth to a son for his enemy, so what qualifications does she have to go to him again and tell him that she misses him so much every day and night. What's more, she knows his pride better than anyone else. General Yan, once a small general, has now become a eunuch despised by everyone. Would he really want her to recognize him? Perhaps Yan Chu also thought so, obviously two people are so close, but in the past few years, there is no contact, even in the palace, do not say hello, far away from each other. Wan Yilan watched silently, she watched the man lost himself in hatred, he became more and more imposing, everyone was afraid of him, he was contaminated with more and more blood,mobile garbage bin, guilty and deserved, but also innocent people. That kind of Yan Chu, let her feel strange.

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