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Farmhouse Honey Marriage Daily (Through Warm Farming, First Marriage, Then Love, Swee
As soon as Ruan Chuxiu got up, Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei, who were sleeping next to her, stood up, shook their bodies, wagged their tails, and followed her step by step. Xiao Hui also mischievously swept her legs with her tail, and Xiao Hei gently rubbed her head twice. Soon to be one year old, more than half a year, two little wolf dogs eat well and sleep well, but also often follow Quyang into the mountains to hunt, now has been very imposing. Because it was a wolf dog, it was more angry than a local dog, and it often went hunting in the mountains, stained with blood, and the timid people in the village did not dare to move when they saw Xiaohui and Xiaohei from a distance. In fact, Xiaohui and Xiaohei look terrible and very spiritual. They are very sensible. Under normal circumstances, they will not bark. They know that the villagers are afraid and seldom walk around the village. Without Quyang, they will play in the mountains by themselves and bring their prey back. Ruan Chuxiu and Quyang never regard Xiaohui and Xiaohei as livestock, but in their eyes, the two wolf dogs are special family members, and they are treated with great care. Ruan Wenfeng and his wife, as well as the two Yecheng brothers, also like Xiaohui and Xiaohei very much. They have never been beaten or scolded, and some good ones are still thinking about giving them. Qu Yang was not at home today. When he left, he told Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei to stay at home with Ruan Chuxiu. Where Ruan Chuxiu is,plastic pallet supplier, Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei are lying there. He looked silent, but he was alert. I'll go to the East Wing. Ruan Chuxiu bowed his head and smiled, stroking the heads of Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei. Out of the room, along the corridor, slowly turn to the east wing. Little Grey and Black, one by her side and the other behind her, protected her tightly and walked with small steps, wagging their tails. Doctor Hu had nothing to do on a rainy day, so he sat at the door and pounded the medicine slowly in the light of the sky to pass the time. Rainy day,plastic trash bins, the sky is slightly dark, will be the appearance of the evening, in fact, it is not time for lunch. Grandpa Hu. Ruan Chuxiu moved a chair out of the bookstore, put it under the eaves, and sat against the wall. Xiao Hui was lying on the threshold of the bookstore, while Xiao Hei was lying at her feet. Doctor Hu looked at her with a smile and asked. Isn't it a little stuffy? "I want to sleep in the nest." Ruan Chuxiu narrowed his eyes and smiled, looking at Dr. Hu with interest, a little itchy. Grandpa Hu, can I help you with the medicine? "All right." Doctor Hu immediately handed her the medicine pot in his hand and reminded her in a gentle voice. It's a little heavy. The tamping pot is made of copper, and it is a little heavy to hold in the hand. Ruan Chuxiu was pregnant with a child, so it was not easy to hold the pot in his arms, and he could not hold it steadily in one hand, so he could not hold it in both hands. She froze and smiled at the opposite doctor Hu, smiling a little silly. I'll get you a stool. Doctor Hu got up, went into the room and moved a special barstool. Put the pot of medicine on it, hold it with one hand, and pound it slowly. Don't worry. Ruan Chuxiu has a model to pound the medicine, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, feeling quite funny, one by one, with the rhythm, not in a hurry. It's fun. Doctor Hu took another pot of medicine, put the medicine in it, sat down, pounded it slowly, and asked with a smile. His eyes were full of love, like the twilight in summer, a very thick warmth, and like the candlelight in the middle of the night, very soft and gentle. It's kind of interesting. Ruan Chu-hsiu grinned. How do you want to pound it? "Powdery, the finer the better." Grandfather and grandson did not talk much, but the atmosphere was very good. Xiaohui and Xiaohei listened to the medicine, listened and closed their eyes again. Ruan Yongshi thought it would be all right, holding an oil-paper umbrella, went to the house next door. The door was not closed tightly, but closed gently. With a small push, half of the door was opened and she went in. Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei's ears trembled twice. At the same time, they got up and looked at the gate. When they saw Ruan Yongshi, they called out. Mother. It's in the east wing. Ruan Chuxiu looked at the movement of Xiao Hui and Xiao Hei, got up and looked sideways, raised his voice and shouted. Ruan Yongshi turned a corner at his feet and walked to the east wing. Are you, are you pounding the medicine? Looking at the barstool and the pot of medicine in front of her daughter, she suddenly became happy. Are you bored? The son-in-law went out early, busy with the fields, no wonder the daughter was bored, and it was raining, even the door could not go out. After the new house was built, I thought about the purchase of land, but there was no news. By the end of August, I finally had some clues. This is not, after breakfast, Qu Yang and father-in-law with the village head to see a fastidious. There are twenty acres of fertile farmland, all linked together, not far from the river, in this favorable weather, how rare ah. Or the village head had connections, got the message early, and rushed to the main house in time to speak. Not only they, but also the other two families want to buy the twenty mu of good farmland. It's a bit uncertain whether we can buy this twenty mu of good farmland. I'm a little sleepy and don't want to sleep. As Ruan Chuxiu spoke, he was still pounding the medicine in his hand. Ruan Yongshi thought it was still early, and said. I'll go and get the sewing basket. She is seriously making clothes, hats and shoes for her grandson. Ruan Chuxiu looked at his mother making the child's clothes one by one, and felt a little sorry. Mother, can't you spend money on these? "What to buy? We made it ourselves. It's more comfortable for children to wear." Ruan Yongshi said in detail as he walked the needle. I made all your clothes when you were a child. "It's hard." Ruan Chu-hsiu thought of a compromise. Can you go directly to the store to buy the clothes that are put on the outside? Mother, you have to take care of the children's clothes, but also have to take care of the family's clothes, a needle and thread, people can stand, the eyes can not stand ah, from the second brother and third brother into their own children, it is still early, you have to take good care of your eyes. Ruan Yongshi looked at his daughter and his smiling eyes narrowed. I know in my heart what to do. Your aunt and sister-in-law are also helping. They both have experience and do it more carefully than I do. When did this happen? Why don't I know? Ruan Chu-hsiu really didn't know about it. Just yesterday afternoon, they came to the door and saw me doing it, so they mentioned it. Ruan Yongshi felt that this was normal, and when he saw that his daughter was a little surprised,collapsible pallet box, he explained. At the time of your sister-in-law Huai Mingzhi, I helped to arrange clothes. "So that's it.". Mother, do I have to show my heart? 。

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