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Winner in life [wear women first and then men, longer without CP]
Lin Luo cut a knife on the body of the insect, but the insect was not cut off the body, but only cut a layer of skin, the direction of the insect did not change, continue to rush to Lin Luo. This is definitely a bewitching king. Lin Luo made the knife, three knives in succession in the same position in the abdomen of the insect, the insect was finally divided into two, fell to the ground. But the insect was not dead at this time, a few feet continued to move, Lin Luo hand knife fell, the strong skin of the king cut into mud. Sun Yuting collapsed on the ground, this bewitching king is she nurtured for many years, every day to feed their own blood, it is not easy to cultivate such a one, but now died in the hands of Fu yuan, she wanted to make the best use of this bewitching king, but did not expect Fu yuan unharmed. But never mind, she also secretly hid a poison/drug, other poisons/drugs were searched, but this poison/drug was not searched because she hid it secretly. But Sun Yuting had no time to poison Fu yuan, because she had been captured by Lin Luo. This time, Lin Luo captured Sun Yuting's soul. Without the bewitching king in Sun Yuting's body,euro plastic pallet, he succeeded immediately. Next, Lin Luo asked Sun Yuting to teach her magic. After asking, Lin Luo knew that Sun Yuting was not only good at magic, but also good at poison. When the poison of rot disease was developed, Sun Yuting made a lot of efforts. In order to restore the country, these former ministers did not hesitate to cooperate with the Eagle Kingdom. Sun Yuting's true identity is also the daughter of the former imperial concubine Sun, as for Xu Tao, the two of them did know each other a year ago,drum spill containment, at that time, Sun Yuting just wanted to control some soldiers in the army by Xu Tao's identity as an officer, but in the process of contact, Sun Yuting found that Xu Tao was very capable, and also wanted to make a career. So she pretended to be in love with Xu Tao, and Xu Tao also liked Sun Yuting, who was both intelligent and beautiful, so they hooked up. But this time, Sun Yuting disguised herself as a man and begged Xu Tao to bring her into the military camp, because the prince appreciated Xu Tao very much and had contacted Xu Tao many times in private. Sun Yuting took advantage of this opportunity to give the prince a trick. Sun Yuting knew very well that the prince's military strategy was a rare imperial talent. As long as there was a prince, their desire to restore the country would be very difficult to achieve. Therefore, Sun Yuting tried her best to get rid of the prince. Under such an idea, Sun Yuting decided to let the prince lose his prestige and let the prince slaughter the city. She also gave the cook a low-level insect to control the cook and let him drug the prince's trusted followers in the food, so that they would not stop the prince from slaughtering the city and disturb her plan. As for why Xu Tao would agree with the prince massacre, Sun Yuting is not clear, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet bin, perhaps Xu Tao is really that the massacre is a good way. Sun Yuting's two techniques of poison are even better than the previous imperial concubine Sun. The most important thing is that she can use some of the more common medicinal materials, poisonous weeds and poisons to make poison and cultivate poison. This is a great help to Lin Luo, Lin Luo also learned poison, but that is in the two Xiuzhen/world, where a lot of poison Lin Luo can not be found in the ordinary task world. And the magic and poison he learned from Sun Yuting can still be used in the future in the task world where there is no strange power and chaos. Lin Luo can fully imagine that this poison will become the second biggest killer when he completes the task. As for the first big killer, of course, it is dementor. Step, step! A soldier ran over hurriedly and reported to Lin Luo, "No, General Fu, General Xu wounded the bodyguard and ran away!" 。 Chapter 102 Vacation: Before the Massacre (7). Xu Tao escaped. Xu Tao was not locked up in the military camp like Sun Yuting, Xu Tao never admitted that he was the prince, and Xu Tao usually befriended many people, it is hard to believe that Xu Tao would be the one who wanted to murder the prince. Therefore, the prince only ordered people to take care of Xu Tao, until Sun Yuting interrogated a result, and then convicted Xu Tao. Xie Changfeng is very clear, even if Xu Tao really does not know Sun Yuting's plot, but Xu Tao is how can not get good, and he is not sure that Sun Yuting such a woman will be exonerated for Xu Tao. So, after thinking for a long time, Xie Changfeng decided to run away. At the same time, he also deeply hated Fu yuan, if there is no Fu yuan, he can be like the previous life of Xu Tao as the emperor, revenge Sun Yuting is also completely out of the question. But all this was destroyed by Fu yuan. If there is a chance, he must make Fu yuan look good! After Xie Changfeng escaped, he took refuge in the Eagle Kingdom, and found the former surviving ministers who cooperated with the Eagle Kingdom. He told the former surviving ministers that Sun Yuting had told him everything. Their plot was discovered by Wen Guo, and then both of them were arrested. He finally found a chance to escape. He told the surviving ministers that he wanted to rescue Sun Yuting! At first, the former ministers were doubtful, but Xie Changfeng told the secret he learned from the book of the soul, which was only known by the former ministers and Sun Yuting, so those people believed him. Moreover, Xie Changfeng knows a lot about the current situation of the Wen Team, which is helpful for the Eagle Country to defeat the Wen Country and for the former ministers to rescue the princess. Poisoned people, look like zombies, the appearance is also rotten, but also aggressive and infectious. But Lin Luo learned from Sun Yuting about the characteristics of this kind of rotten poison, which is not infinitely contagious. Probably a poisoned person can only poison four or five people, and his saliva will no longer carry poison under his nails. Naturally, there is no way to poison others. Moreover, the symptoms of the first poisoned person are the most serious, while the symptoms of the fourth and fifth poisoned people are relatively mild because of the slight amount of poison. They will not go crazy and can control themselves rationally. Moreover, such poisoned people can be cured by detoxification and other means. Moreover, this poison is very afraid of fire, very afraid of high temperature, after high temperature fire,plastic pallet manufacturer, toxicity will be destroyed. This kind of poison is Sun Yuting controlled several people, let people down in several wells in the city, causing the people in the city to drink the water in these wells after poisoning.

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