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Wolf totem
On the prairie, the story of how the mother wolf loves her cubs and protects them is very popular: in order to teach the cubs to hunt, the mother wolf often takes risks to catch lambs alive; in order to protect the cubs in the cave, she does not hesitate to fight with hunters; for the safety of the cubs, she often moves them to the cave night after night; in order to feed the young wolves, she often eats herself until she is almost full, and then spits out all the food in her stomach to the young wolves; For the common good of the wolf family, the mother who has lost her litter will feed her sister's or cousin's cubs with her own milk. The old man Bilig once said that a long time ago, there was an old hunter on the Erlun grassland who had seen three female wolves nursing a litter of wolf cubs together. In the spring of that year, he went deep into the mountains to look for wolf cub holes. On a warm slope, he found three female wolves lying in half a circle to feed seven or eight wolf cubs. There were two or three wolf cubs beside each female wolf's stomach, so he and the hunters could not bear to dig out the nest again. The old man once said that the hunters and horsemen in the Mongolian grassland never pulled out all the wolf cubs, and there were many surviving wolf cubs, godmothers and wet nurses. The wolf cubs could not eat all the milk, and they played well. Therefore, the Mongolian wolf is the biggest, strongest and cleverest wolf in the world.. Chen Zhen wanted to say at that time, this is not all,cosmetic tube, the wolf's maternal love can even go beyond the scope of their own race, to milk their most terrible enemy-human orphans. Behind the ferocity of the she-wolf, there is the most incredible and touching love in the world. At this moment, the female wolves who lost their cubs in the spring all came to recognize their cubs sadly and with a glimmer of hope. They clearly know that this is the most concentrated camp in the Erlun grassland and the most dangerous place for people, dogs and guns, but the female wolves still take the risk of approaching. Chen Zhen in this moment, really want to untie the leather collar of the wolf,eye cream packing tube, let the wolf and its so many mothers, mother and son recognize and reunite. However, he did not dare to let go, he was afraid that as soon as the wolf rushed out of the camp's sphere of influence, the big dogs of his family or neighbors would immediately regard it as a wolf and tear it up. He did not dare to take the wolf into the distant darkness and release it, so that he himself would fall into the madness of the female wolves. The little wolf seemed to be extremely sensitive to sounds different from those of last night, and he was somewhat at a loss as to the call of three sides and six directions. It obviously did not understand the meaning of those strange and complicated howls, let alone how to respond. The wolf pack has been unable to get the response of the wolf, and the howl is getting less and less. They may not understand why the sound of the wolf that they heard last night is no longer there. At that moment, the little wolf sat down and began to make a sound facing northwest. It lowers its head and "whines" the first key sound of the wolf's howl. Then it holds its breath and slowly raises its head. The "whine" sound finally changes to the "European" sound. Whoo, whoo. Oh. "Oh.." The little wolf finally stumbled through a non-standard howl. On three sides, the wolves suddenly stopped, and the wolves seemed to be stunned, eye cream packaging tube ,plastic packaging tube, this "whine whine." Oh. "Oh.." What does that mean? The wolves were a little uncertain and continued to wait in silence. After a while, a wolf appeared in the pack, which completely imitated the howl of a small wolf beside the yurt, as if it were a half-big wolf. Chen Zhen found that his little wolf was also stunned for a moment, unable to understand what the howl was asking. The little wolf is like a deaf and dumb wolf who has just been cured. He can neither understand what others say nor say what he wants to say. It was so dark that even with gestures and expressions, the other side could not see. The little wolf waited for a while, but there was no response, so he began to play further by himself. It lowered its head to hold its breath and raised its head to exhale a long sound. This time the wolf finally fully recovered to the highest level of last night: "Woo … …" "Oh.." The European sound is long, with a milky child's voice, like a long flute, like a thin reed, like a small bell, like the short horn, the end sound is continuous, and the aftermath is long. The little wolf was extremely satisfied with his long howl. Without waiting for the response from the wolves, he became addicted to one long howl after another. Because of his impatience, the end of the howl became slightly shorter. It raised its head higher and higher until its nose pointed to Tengri. It is excited and excited, more and more skilled, more and more standard, even the posture is completely like a big wolf. When it grows up, it gathers the shape of its long mouth into a round tube like a clarinet, carries the bottom of its foot and abdomen, exhales evenly and smoothly, dragging and dragging, until all the passion in the cavity is exhausted. Then, take another hard breath and continue to drag. The little wolf was overjoyed with the "crying tune", happily crying to the wolves, and passionately showing its beautiful voice to the grassland. The sound quality of the wolf is very tender, very moist, very pure, like a baby, like a child, tactful and crisp. In the melodiousness, it also took the initiative to change the tone at random, adding a lot of vibrato and turning to improvise. The two of them were so fascinated that Jahnke couldn't help lowering his voice to imitate the wolf song of the wolf. Chen Zhen said to Yang Ke in a low voice: I have discovered that after listening to the wolf's long howl, you will understand why Mongolian folk songs have such a long trill and drag. The style of Mongolian folk songs is very different from that of Han folk songs. My guess is that this style was passed down from the Huns who worshipped the wolf totem. There are records in the history books, "Wei Shu" in the "Xiongnu Biography" said that in ancient times, Xiongnu Chanyu had two beautiful daughters, the youngest daughter took the initiative to marry an old wolf, and gave birth to many children with the wolf. The original text also said: "Sister.." Next for the wolf wife, and give birth to a child. Later,custom cosmetic packaging, it multiplied into a country. Therefore, he likes to sing a long song and howl like a wolf. Yang Ke hurriedly asked: Is there really such a record in the Xiongnu Biography? You still read more carefully than I do. If there is such a record, then we will really find the source of Mongolian folk songs.

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