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Young Prime Minister Xanadu (End + Last Side Story + Postscript)
Xu Lie gulped down the wine in one gulp. His eyes were already a little red. Although his voice was deep, it seemed that he was roaring: "Get out!" He did not know when the woman around him had left, but felt that his heart was suddenly empty and uncomfortable, and that he was filled with resentment and unwillingness, so that he could not even breathe happily. He had no choice but to drink one drink after another in the hope that alcohol would intoxicate him. Why, Joyce's right. The boy is really handsome. There was a frivolous and greasy voice like a slug, "Look, it's still the shape you like, boss!" Xu Lie snapped his fingers, and the bartender looked at him with embarrassment and pity. His comely face was pale, and his fingertips trembled slightly with the wine, but he still whispered, "You drank too much." Behind him came a cold hum, a cold and slightly hoarse male voice: "Xiaoye, your sister is in the room to meet guests, do you want me to take her out?" Xu Lie pulled the corners of his mouth slightly, grabbed the wine from the waiter's hand, and poured it into the glass just now, because the unskillful transparent wine spilled out and splashed on his empty fingers, as if there was a kind of burning touch. Memories came flooding back again. Galan liked to hold his hand and play with it. Her slender index finger was spread out one by one, and then she put her cool and dry palm on it. He smiled and said, "Xu Lie, your hands are really beautiful." Then clasp your fingers. She preferred to play with the ring on her hand, curled up on his lap and thought of ways to take it off and exchange it with her own. Her skeleton is extremely small, her fingers are slender,impact beam tubes, and her joints are almost invisible. The ring could not even put on her tail finger, but she enjoyed such little actions every day, with a contented smile on her face. Sometimes, when he was impatient, he would grab her with his backhand and hold her in his arms and kiss her deeply. Until she blushed and buried herself in his arms and said vaguely, "Xu Lie.." I love you He is not a man who likes to deceive himself. Even his pride, his self-respect, made him not expect anything that he was not fully sure of. But Galan is different! He had clearly felt her wholehearted love, he had clearly decided that Galan would not fall in love with anyone else except him,Cold Drawn Tubes, that, although only once, he could not help but hope. Unable to completely believe Galan's betrayal, but unable to summon up the courage to expose the bloody facts, Xu Lie looked at the transparent glass, which had obvious and ugly horizontal strokes. Bing Ye's handsome and indifferent face was suddenly reflected above. He said, "Xu Lie, the more you live, the more cowardly you are." The fingertips stained with wine stroked his forehead and held it lightly. There was a throbbing pain in his temples. His chest began to burn. His brain was a little confused. The staying power of whiskey finally came up. Boy, how boring it is to drink alone! How about a round of drinks with our brothers? A pair of hands clasped his wrists, their fingertips resting on the face of the Swiss gold watch. The man gave a cry of surprise and shouted in a disgusting voice, "Boss, I'm afraid this boy is a playboy. Look at this outfit. It's not ten thousand, but it's a thousand." "Ha ha." Another man laughed and said, "Xiao Bai, don't you know?"? What the eldest loves most is to ravage this precious new baby. Xu Wei turned sideways and pulled his hand out, his eyes skimming over the scum, precision welded tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but there was nothing in his eyes. The dull pain in my heart, the more I live, the more I feel like a wimp. Bing Ye is right, and the more he lives, the more cowardly he is. A pair of rough hands pinched his chin, and Xu's eyes turned slightly to a scarred face. His facial features like knives and axes, his thick black eyebrows, and his dark eyes full of aggression and cruelty. Sure enough, it's the best. No wonder Joyce's eyes are so high above the top. Cold voice with a smile of satisfaction, "boy, follow me back, but also from the pain of flesh." Insert a bookmark Chapter 6 Confusion Chapter 6 Confusion Xu Lie almost laughed out loud. Although he knew the existence of people like GAY, he never thought that he would meet or even be molested one day. He stepped back from the grip of the boss and reclined on the bar. Obviously, the situation is in full swing at the moment, but he always thinks about the past that he doesn't want to do. Happy, shy, angry, heartache, despair, one by one is the face of Galan, every time it shows a brand. He thought he could forget, he thought he could not love the face. You don't toast, you don't eat, you don't drink! The eldest looked at him coldly and walked towards him step by step. At the last party before leaving Shanghuai City, Bing Ye threw a card in front of him before he left: "Lingyun's intelligence system is all here.". When you don't want to escape, go and see. Clearly still love, but must say not love! Clearly want to keep her around, but push her far away! Clearly want to believe him, but resist the truth! Xu Lie, Xu Lie! Is this still you? Such a wimp, such a person who only knows how to escape, is it really you? "Bang!" A loud noise, so that the whole noisy bar instantly quiet down, everyone moved their eyes to the bar, surprised, surprised, curious, the original ambiguous mood turned into a hair-trigger hot. Xu Lie shook off his hand, took off the gold watch askew on his wrist and threw it on the bar counter. Without looking back, he said, "Give me six more cups." Just because he never uses force, doesn't mean he won't! Just because he never hurts people at will doesn't mean he doesn't have the ability! Not to mention that Xu Tianben was born in the underworld, not to mention that his only friend, Shui Bingye, was once one of the top killers in the dark street. He has never walked into the darkness, but he has always been in the company of the darkness; his hands are not stained with blood, but he has been rolling in the market with a sharp blade that does not see blood. In essence, Xu Lie is as firm as iron as Bing Ye, otherwise how can he gain a foothold in the market. Only emotionally, he handled it in a mess. Arbitrary, impulsive, retreat, worry about gains and losses, these usually will never be the weakness, but in the discovery of the betrayal of Galan that moment,Precision Welded pipes, a flood of children came up. Old The eldest brother Are you all right? After the shock, there was a commotion in the bar. The man who was thrown out and fell to the ground rubbed his abdomen painfully and shouted angrily: "***, give me this boy!" 。

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