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Living Ghost's Rain Night Demon Tan _ World Overlord Singing
"In fact, when I told the above stories, the old man sat opposite me all the time and did not go out with me, and of course there was no body of my cousin," said Ah Hao. However, when the old man in the story asked the last question, the real old man in the pharmacy was also very concerned about that question. Moreover, I could see that he was very involved in my story, and a pair of old eyes were staring at me, waiting for me to say the following. I said, "Yes, I would be worried too." The smelly fish slapped Ah Hao on the head and said, "Don't keep me in suspense. If you have something to say, say it quickly!" Hao grinned, "You know, I went to the pharmacy at night, it was raining outside, and the light in the pharmacy was very weak, so the environment was especially suitable for telling horror stories.". The old man stared at me. I didn't say anything, but in the dark room, suddenly there was a woman's shrill cry. "You old devil, if you don't hand over the lamp, I'll drag you to the 18 layers of hell now!" The voice was surprisingly sharp, and the coda was so long that it didn't sound like a human voice. Coupled with the voice suddenly came out,side impact door beams, the old man was not mentally prepared, although not frightened to faint, but the body can not help but shiver, in an instant, an old face has become pale. A Hao says: "The old man is frightened not light, after that sound, he sold that lamp to me obediently." I breathed a sigh of relief with the stinky fish. Although I knew the end of the story, I had some doubts about the last female voice. Without waiting for us to ask, Ah Hao himself explained first: "Actually,cold drawn tubes, before I went to the pharmacy, I knew that the strange old man liked to listen to horror stories, so I left prepared.". Before I went, I found someone to record the voice screaming. When I was telling the story, my hand was in my pants pocket all the time. When the time came, I just pressed the play button, and the sound came out. Stinky fish was stupefied, shake one's head to scold: "My day your uncle, this Ya makes this action, how to did not frighten old man dead." Hao laughed and said, "You also know my character. Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat. When have I ever fought a battle I was not sure of?" I asked, "So you don't have any beautiful cousins at all, and you don't have any magician cousins?"? Did you make up all the stories about the two lamps to fool the old man? Hao nodded proudly, "Yes, do you really think there is any skill of walking through walls in the world?"? When you die, you become a ghost. However, stainless steel tube 304 ,side impact door beams, that lamp does have a name. I have read an article about it in a cultural relic magazine before. Do you remember that there are five little heads on the wall of the lamp? Those are five ghosts, so the name of the lamp is called the night lantern of five ghosts. I don't understand: "a good lamp, why is it called such a strange name?" "Do you remember the general Meng Tian I mentioned to you at the beginning?" Asked Ah Hao. After his reminder, I cried out with the stinky fish. When we first saw the lamp last night, Ah Hao told us about the story of the lamp, but then we forgot about it when we interrupted. Stinky fish cries: "Tell us quickly, where did general Meng Tian go, he won't also let this what 5 ghost night walk lantern give change to disappear?" Hao patted his thigh and said, "Yes, according to the unofficial history, when the emissary sent by Qin II Hu Hai returned to prison, General Meng Tian disappeared out of thin air.". There was no other way out of the prison except a door, and outside the door, there was a heavy guard, let alone a person, even a mosquito could not fly out. The stinky fish was just a slip of the tongue, but I didn't think it was really expected by him. For a while, he and I were a little stunned. Hao went on to say, "Meng Tian was missing, and the emissary could not go back to Hu Hai to explain. After thinking about it, he bribed the people in the Yangzhou prison. He only said that Meng Tian had drunk poisonous wine and had died.". The emissary returned to the court. When the news of Meng Tian's death spread, many people in the government and the public sighed for him. "Did the lamp really make him disappear?" Asked the smelly fish. Hao shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Who can say clearly what is recorded in the unofficial history?". Perhaps only Meng Tian himself can answer this question. However, later generations speculated that Meng Tian had escaped the disaster at that time, which must have a great relationship with the lamp. ” "The name of the Five Ghosts Night Lantern sounds familiar," I said. The Stinky Fish suddenly said, "I remember. I used to read the Investiture of the Gods. There was a magic called the Five Ghosts Carrying Method. It could change things here and then there without being noticed." I patted my forehead and said, "That's what I'm thinking, the Five Ghosts Carrying Dafa." Hao laughed and said, "You two are out of your mind, and you believe all those crazy things.". I bought that lamp because it was an antique of the Qin Dynasty and was valuable, for no other reason. If it really has so much magic power, why do we go to the old man in the pharmacy? We can turn ourselves into a bank directly, and each of us can move a room full of RMB back. That's more convenient. I was speechless with the stinky fish, but in my heart, I still felt a little strange. The car suddenly jolted violently, and before we could understand it, the car suddenly stopped. "Here we are," said Ah Hao. Stinky Fish Head and I hurried up to the window glass. It was dark outside, as if we had stopped in the middle of the wilderness. In front of the left side of the dirt road, there are a few faint lights, which can be discerned as several bungalows. No need to ask, here, of course, is the pharmacy that Ah Hao once came to. Www-xiaoshuotxt-c o mt (xT novel)//Tian, Tang/ Chapter II Tzu Chi Hall Laohao Pharmacy He braved the rain to get out of the car and jumped to the eaves in two or three steps. Sure enough, he saw a sign hanging by the door, on which Ah Hao had told us about the words "Old Medicine Shop of Tzu Chi Hall". Hao knocked at the door. After a while, the door opened, and the legendary old man of the medicine shop emerged, followed by a child. Holding a kerosene lamp with a lampshade, the old man looked us up and down for a long time before he stepped aside and let us in. The old man's eyes were dim, and he didn't recognize Ah Hao for a moment. Hao winked at us, and we all shut up and let Hao fool the old man. Hao said that it was late,side impact beams, it was raining heavily, and our car broke down in the place where there was no shop in front of the village, so we wanted to stay overnight in the pharmacy.

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