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The Dead Man's Sutra
The number of people who rushed to the street to watch the scene of bustle was ten times more than when Luo Ning Tea married into Jinpeng Fort. Their curiosity was greatly satisfied from the very beginning. The coffin of the big head God was so huge that the city gate was only half open at ordinary times, but today it had to be all open. Eight strong oxen walked slowly into the Jade City, each step showing solemn sadness. Dozens of coffin protectors looked solemn, each holding an iron mountain flag in their hands. The flag fluttered in the wind, and the spear head embroidered on it twisted like a snake. The inhabitants were so affected by it that they could not help retreating and bowing in reverence. They had all heard absurd legends, such as that the big head would eat several living people a day, but at this time they regarded him as a king who had died in battle and a God who had run out of luck. They respected him with great trepidation, and some even shed tears. As soon as the coffin of the big head God reached the center of the city, the sad atmosphere was broken by a commotion. The commotion started at the north city gate, like burning catkins on the roadside, spreading quickly and lightly down the street. In an instant, the coffin of the big head God was no longer the focus. Everyone craned their necks and looked back, whispering to each other, "That woman has shown her true face." That is to say, from this day on, "that woman" and "the woman in the stone castle" are no longer general names, but belong exclusively to Ronning Tea. She walked alone in the streets paved with bluestones, with maids and attendants ten paces away, with people on both sides, but as quiet as the desert, and it was the first time she had taken off her veil in public, feeling like the first time an ordinary person had stripped naked in the street, and countless eyes were like a knife, cutting her skin and stabbing her heart. Every step she took, she felt that she had exerted her last strength, but her future was still far away. The men were silent and excited, the women were ashamed and jealous, and the nearly two hundred thousand inhabitants slowly came to the same thought: Lady Meng was very wrong. How could she abuse such a fairy figure? The woman in front of us is really illusory, unworldly, how can she do a little bad thing? Luo Ningcha saw the coffin, in which lay her father, her foundation, her backing, and everything about her, now turned into a cold corpse, as merciless as the walls in the stone castle. Ronning Tea was frightened these days and had no personal feelings about her father's death, until the huge coffin was placed in front of her, the image of the big head God suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, and the memory and grief arose from the bottom of her heart, beam impact tubes ,Precision steel tubes, hitting the vital point when she was defenseless. Father really died, Luo Ning tea body shook, the crowd together issued a cry of sympathy and intolerance, countless hands rushed out in front of the master's mind, trying to hold the woman who had been hit in a desperate situation. Luo Ningcha held on, stroked the coffin with pale and weak fingers, slowly circled around, took a deep breath, raised his head, escorted his father's coffin through the north gate, and walked to Jinpeng Fort. It was a long journey, followed by residents who did not give up until they were blocked by the stone bridge of Jinpeng Fort. Many people were still wandering outside late at night, trying to smell the delicate fragrance left by "that woman" in the air. As soon as he entered the stone castle, Luo Ning Tea collapsed in the arms of the maids, proudly turned his head to look at the killer behind him, closed his eyes, and let himself fall asleep. She completed the task assigned by Huan Nu. On the night when King Dubu solved the crisis, Gu Shenwei had an in-depth conversation with Luo Ning Tea. Even the blind and tongueless Cui Nu was taken away by the lotus girl. There were only two of them in the whole room. Miss, you have no way to go. Gu Shenwei did not use the word "we" because he knew that Ronin Tea did not care about anyone other than himself. Ronning Tea remained calm in a rare way, without crying or making trouble. She was not calm, but like a little beast driven to a dead end, completely petrified. "Husband.." "Eight young Lord will never return to Shibao. He betrayed King Dubu. Everyone knows it. Lord Wang's praise is just a delaying tactic." What about when I leave the castle? The big head left me a lot of things. First, the stone castle will not let you go, and second, without the protection of the stone castle, the wealth of the big head God is not a guarantee but a disaster. ” Luo Ningcha fell on the bed and began to sob and cry. Selfishness often blindfolded her eyes, but she was not stupid. She knew that what Huan Nu said was true. Her father and husband, the two pillars collapsed at the same time. She really had no way out. Lady Meng was busy fighting for power and power. Once she recovered, she would retaliate against her. Gu Shenwei waited for her to cry and said, "Do you have the courage to fight with your back to the wall?" Behind the screen, Ronin Tea straightened up. "What do you mean?"? Is it possible for me to protect myself? "Yes." Gu Shenwei paused for a long time before he said the word that made the young lady ecstatic. Luo Ningcha stood up, "Huan Nu, good Huan Nu, tell me what you can do?" "Someone is in power, but those powers do not belong to him. There is always a source of power, which is the most reliable dependence, more reliable than father and husband." "You mean.." Lord? "Yes." "But he won't protect me. Why would he protect a lonely woman without a big head?" Ronning Tea has a clear mind in this respect. Lady Meng had a general relationship with her family, but she was still favored by the king. "The twenty slave girls sent by my father!"! If you can use them to win the favor of the king. The voice of Ronning Tea rose, and the whole person cheered up. Lady Meng won't let them be seen by the king. Gu Shenwei said that in his original plan, he also wanted to use the twenty female slaves, but he later changed his mind. So what to do? Gu Shenwei was silent again for a while. "Huan Nu dares to make a request. Please forgive me." "Say, you can ask for anything." Ronning Tea said eagerly, like a drowning man holding on to the last floating log. Please come out of the screen and take off the veil. After saying this,aluminium coated tubes, Gu Shenwei immediately knelt down on one leg, looked down at the ground, and made a gesture of apology.

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