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Sword tripod
At the two open iron gates, a burly blue figure stood quietly, carrying a two-meter-long sword behind his back, looking calmly at the seven or eight disciples of the Qingcheng Sect who surrounded him. Who are you? How dare you break into my Qingcheng Sect's Arsenal?! A leading middle-aged disciple of the Qingcheng Sect pulled out his steel sword and shouted. To get my own things back. An angular and resolute face showed a faint smile, impressively Zhao Fuchen. A month ago, Zhao Fuchen went down to the Tianshan Mountains. With his present martial arts, he tried his best to perform his dream of entering Huajian peerless flying skills. A month's time was enough to drive from the Tianshan Mountains to Qingcheng Mountain. Zhao Fuchen could have taken the giant sword without being noticed, but he still exposed himself. When the leading middle-aged disciple saw Zhao Fuchen with an indifferent face and knew that he looked down on him, he suddenly felt a little angry and shouted, "Go." The steel sword in his hand shook and turned into a fine sword net covering Zhao Fuchen's burly body. Hearing the command of the middle-aged disciples, the disciples who surrounded Zhao Fuchen pulled out their steel swords one after another, and the cold light swords with different tracks shot at Zhao Fuchen. After all, they are the Shougong disciples in Jianfu Palace. Most of these Qingcheng Sect disciples have first-class skills. The leading middle-aged disciple is a super first-class master. Seven or eight of them are under his command at the same time. Suddenly, the whole Shenbing Palace is filled with sword gas. However, they were faced with the congenitally stable realm of Zhao Fuchen, whose burly body shook gently, only to see several figures of Zhao Fuchen appear around these Qingcheng disciples. Sniff! "Sniff!" 。 A few slight sounds came out, and the net of swords and lightsabers that filled the air in front of the entire God's Arsenal, like snowflakes under the scorching sun, disappeared in an instant. Seven or eight shadows slowly dissipated, Zhao Fuchen back sword burly body appeared behind several people, Zhao Fuchen did not kill them, just point their acupoint. Walking slowly to a wide place in front of the Shenbing warehouse, Zhao Fuchen's body stopped and closed his eyes gently. Moments later,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Zhao Fuchen's ears moved gently, two tiny footsteps came into his ears, Zhao Fuchen's closed eyes suddenly opened, two sharp rays of light looming. Is that you?! Two people just came to the front of the God Arsenal, Li Xuanji recognized Zhao Fuchen at a glance, took a look at the giant Que sword behind him, eyes flashed a trace of cold awn. Master Li, how are you? Zhao Fuchen smiled faintly, since Li Xuanji appeared, the shadow in his heart gradually faded. In fact, Li Xuanji and Zhao Fuchen did not have any deep hatred, but when Zhao Fuchen was affected by Huiniang's hatred, radio shuttle racking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, he was seriously injured by Li Xuanji to prevent himself from killing Xuanyuan Xiu. This made Li Xuanji a demon in Zhao Fuchen's heart. Zhao Fuchen knew in his heart that as long as he defeated Li Xuanji this time, the shadow in his heart would completely dissipate and could no longer affect his mood. Li Xuanji looked at Zhao Fuchen with a gloomy face and said, "I didn't kill you at the beginning. I knew you would be a big trouble. I just didn't expect you to come so soon. Now that you're here this time, you can't go any more!" Li Xuanji gave a loud shout, and the sword shot out from his waist. The violent sound of breaking the air reminded him that the sword turned into a sharp cold awn and shot at Zhao Fuchen's throat. The body stepped back, Zhao Fuchen patted the giant sword behind him, and the huge body of the giant sword reversed in front of Zhao Fuchen and collided with Li Xuanji's sword. Boom! Zhao Fuchen only felt a huge sword in his hand, a huge force came, has been back a few steps to dissolve the strength of Li Xuanji. Li Xuanji, on the other hand, was knocked over and landed beside Zhu Xiyan. With a flash of purple gas on his face, Li Xuanji's body trembled, and a light layer of frost appeared at his feet in an instant. After forcing the extremely cold sword gas in his body into the ground, Li Xuanji's face changed and he looked at Zhao Fuchen in disbelief. Although he heard that Zhao Fuchen had killed the sad things in Wutai Mountain some time ago, Li Xuanji was always skeptical. After all, Zhao Fuchen's age was there, but now it seems to be a fact. Thinking that Zhao Fuchen was only twenty-one or twenty-two years old now, Li Xuanji felt a burst of uneasiness in his heart. A fierce color gradually appeared on his face. The sword in his hand was slowly raised. A magnificent momentum suddenly came from his body and enveloped Zhao Fuchen's body. He followed the sword. The sword in Li Xuanji's hand turned into a purple meteor and shot at Zhao Fuchen. Go and ask Martial Uncle to come. As soon as Li Xuanji's sword move came out, a fine sound came into Zhu Xiyan's ears. When Zhu Xiyan heard this, he was stunned. Then he started his flying skills and left Jianfu Palace and swept to the back hill. Chapter 126 suppression of the fifth comprehensive realm. The dazzling purple meteor pierced the sky, with a violent sound of breaking the air, Zhao Fuchen's face slightly changed, and the giant Que sword in his hand slowly stabbed out. A heavy momentum of immobility suddenly appeared around Zhao Fuchen's body, although the giant Que sword slowly stabbed out, but it was very precise to stab the flying purple meteor. Boom! With a violent explosion, the ground under Zhao Fuchen cracked inch by inch, and the flying purple meteor broke into pieces in an instant, turning into a sword gas shot out, drawing a deep gully on the ground around them. Li Xuanji's figure suddenly solidified in the air, the sword in his hand was bent into a soul-stirring arc, and then "clang!" With a sound, the sword trembled violently, and Li Xuanji's body was shot out. Pedal, pedal, pedal. Li Xuanji's inverted body retreated seven or eight steps after landing, spitting out a mouthful of blood with a'wow 'in his mouth. Before the blood fell to the ground, it turned into a bloody ice cube and fell to the ground. What a cold internal force! Feeling the cold power that seemed to be able to freeze his whole body, Li Xuanji's face was full of purple gas. Shaking a few to break the right arm, Zhao Fuchen wiped the corner of the mouth of the blood,teardrop pallet racking, the body can not be like a mountain of potential instant convergence, a cold potential slowly overflow, gradually Li Xuanji's Haoran potential dead pressure in the downwind.

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