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Can MEI import? understand how it works
The Individual Microentrepreneur is a modality that is on the rise in the country and offers good possibilities for those who want to have their own business. Even so, it is a type of legal nature that raises many doubts and one of the main ones is whether MEI can matter. With the globalization of trade and technological advances, carrying out import processes has become a more practical activity and can be a great opportunity. After all, offering first-line and imported items to customers is an interesting way to increase profits. Want to know more about it to better plan your business? So you came to the right place! Keep reading this post and find out what an Individual Microentrepreneur is, if who is MEI can matter and how this process works, in practice! What is MEI? The MEI — Individual Microentrepreneur — is a legal modality for those who work as self-employed.

Therefore, it offers a CNPJ for professionals who wish to have their own business and have an annual gross revenue of up to 81 thousand reais. Can MEI import? The import process can be carried out by who is an individual micro-entrepreneur, that is, who MEI can import, according to the laws. In this way, the import  C Level Executive List  follows the same rules for other legal modalities, for example, Simulate your transfer as a legal entity You receive USD 1.921,63 We convert to BRL 10.000,00 Take advantage of special costs 19 Your exchange rate is BRL 5.20 Understand After registration approval, payment arrives within 1 business day If it is less than 3 thousand dollars, it is simplified import; For amounts greater than 3,000 dollars, you must have Siscomex authorization and a customs broker.

[Image: C-Level-Executive-List.jpg]

How can MEI import? The import process for individual micro-entrepreneurs takes place with clear rules, and everything depends on the total value of the transaction. In this sense, if the imported products have expressive values, it is necessary to register on Radar Siscomex. On the other hand, when the value is low, it is possible to use simplified processes. However, it is important to point out that it is necessary to have an invoice and the importation can only happen in products related to the activity carried out and registered in the MEI, that is, not every type of item can be imported. How can Remessa Online help? To carry out imports, it is essential to carry out international transactions and payments abroad. Such processes are subject to fees and exchange rates, and if not paid attention to, they can increase costs and make everything more expensive, compromising your financial planning.

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