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Into the classroom丨STEAM Activities in the Junior School at Wellington College Tianj
Mandarin Teacher / EdTech Lead
Wellington College Tianjin has always placed great emphasis on cultivating pupils' interest in learning and all-round development. As educators and lifelong learners, all teaching staff are committed to deepening and optimising their existing curriculum and educational resources, as well as constantly innovating and exploring new educational resources and learning content. The school aims to open up children's horizons and help them find joy in learning. This international school in Tianjin is also keeping pace with the development of education technology, and with the increasing impact of technology on education, the school continue to bring more and better activities to its pupils, providing them with a better learning experience. This reflects the school's educational philosophy of fostering global citizenship and digital citizenship.
The STEAM curriculum at Wellington College Tianjin refers to an integrated curriculum of five disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This curriculum aims to cultivate pupils' innovative thinking and practical skills. In the Junior School, English, Mandarin, and Inquiry are compulsory foundation programmes covering a wide range of language, cultural, and scientific knowledge. To combine these different courses and activities, deepen pupils' learning experience, and enhance their motivation, the school's teaching team, with a sense of educational innovation, has been exploring and practising the integration of STEAM with the school's compulsory courses and research activities. This approach creates a richer and more interesting learning experience for Wellington pupils.
Exploring the Season
To help pupils appreciate the beauty of autumn, explore the theme of nature, and deepen their understanding of nature, the academic team integrated the Mandarin learning topic "Autumn" the Inquiry theme "Nature" and the autumn farm educational visit with the STEAM curriculum. The school conducted a "Curriculum Innovation Integration Activity" where pupils reflected on what they learned about nature and language and recalled memorable moments from the visit.
<img src="">
After the activity, pupils used Lego to build an autumn farm map in class. These activities not only enhance pupils' hands-on and teamwork skills but also connect learning with real life, enabling them to better understand and appreciate the wonders of nature.
Exploring the Culture
The school arranged a visit to the Tianjin Fifth Avenue History Museum and Nei Shan Bookstore. Such activities not only expand pupils' learning of Mandarin but also provide a fresh learning experience outside the classroom. At the Tianjin Fifth Avenue History Museum, pupils learned about important figures and historical events in Tianjin's modern history, gaining a deeper understanding of its culture. At the Nei Shan Bookstore, pupils read about ancient Chinese culture and stories of famous people in history, enhancing their learning of the Chinese language. 
After the activity, Wellington College Tianjin organised an extended integration session in the school's STEAM classroom. The school integrated the educational visit, the historical features, English learning, and LEGO programming to present the activity together. Pupils worked in groups to design LEGO programming and led the tour of the historical features of Fifth Avenue through LEGO model cars. They explained the buildings, further exercising their hands-on ability and teamwork skills. The integration of English content enabled pupils to exercise their oral expression skills during the exhibition activities.
In the new year, the STEAM programme will continue to enrich the activities and curriculum, providing more opportunities for pupils to participate in related competitions. As a part of the Wellington community, the school’s STEAM team believes that success belongs to those who have the courage and determination to achieve it.

Media Contact
Company Name: Wellington College International Tianjin
Contact Person: Admission Department
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+86-22) 8758-7199 ext. 8027
Address:No.1 Yide Dao, Hong Qiao District
City: Tianjin
Country: China

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