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Door Hinges: A Crucial Component for Smooth Movement
Door Hinges: A Crucial Component for Smooth Movement
Door hinges are essential hardware components that connect a door to its frame, allowing it to pivot smoothly when opening and closing. Whether you’re replacing an old door or installing a new one, choosing the right hinges is crucial for the overall functionality and aesthetics of your door.Get more news about Door Hinge,you can vist our website!

Types of Door Hinges
Butt Hinges: These are the most common type of hinges found on residential doors. They consist of two leaves mated together with a pin. Butt hinges are versatile and widely used for both interior and exterior doors.
Continuous Hinges: Also known as piano hinges, continuous hinges run the entire length of the door. They provide consistent support and are commonly used on heavy doors, such as commercial or industrial entrances.
Choosing the Right Hinge
When selecting hinges, consider factors like door weight, material, and intended use. Here are some tips:

Load Capacity: Ensure the hinge can support the weight of your door.
Material: Choose corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass for longevity.
Aesthetic Appeal: Opt for hinges that complement your door’s style and finish.
Installation Tips
Alignment: Properly align the hinge leaves with the door and frame.
Sizing: Use appropriately sized hinges based on the door’s dimensions.
Maintenance: Regularly lubricate hinges to prevent squeaking and ensure smooth operation.

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