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Digital marketing importance for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs spread across Brazil and the world face major challenges when it comes to attracting new customers and getting more people interested in what their brand offers, be it a product or a service. For those who have their physical point of sale and depended only on this sales format to increase their revenue, they saw their entire work go down the drain with the arrival of the pandemic, which forced businesses to close their doors. Even in a scenario that was even desperate for some, others decided to bet on that concept that emerged a long time ago, but that still generated many doubts among entrepreneurs, which is precisely digital marketing.

Used both in brands that sell physical products like trojan batteries and even in companies that provide business consulting services, digital marketing has managed to completely change the reality of many businesses in Brazil and in the world. Fortunately, this DB to Data change was for the better and brought entrepreneurs and their brands innovative, different and better ways not only to win new customers, but also to build a great relationship with them. It is not news to anyone that digital marketing has occupied a giant and relevant space in the market and in the most diverse segments, and if you are still an entrepreneur who does not understand its importance, today we will solve this problem.

[Image: data-entry.jpg]

What is Digital Marketing The first thing you obviously need to understand is what digital marketing means, because among so many explanations and terms that have been created in the market, it is normal for many to feel confused and not be able to explain such an idea. Well, digital marketing is nothing more than a set of strategies that are applied within a 100% digital environment, and can be put into practice both by a company that produces industrial electrical panel and by one that sells jewelry. The great differential of digital marketing is precisely the democratic space that was created, allowing any type of business to be able to take advantage of its strategies to generate more results.

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