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fixed matches exist
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п»їDo fixed matches really exist?
Sports betting is arguably the most lucrative business venture in Kenya now. The betting craze has taken over Kenyans like a storm, it is like everyone from school going kids, mama mboga, matatu touts to civil employees and even employers is betting.Р’.
Perhaps that is the reason why we have betting firms sprouting up almost every day.Р’.
The problem with Kenyans is that we are so gullible, and it is easy for a clever person to take advantage of that. Most of the people betting are losing huge junks of money.Р’.
The big loses have been a window of opportunity for a certain group of Kenyans. These guys have decided to come up with something called ‘fixed matches.’В.
Match fixing is when the outcome of a match has been manipulated for gambling reasons. They will tell you that they have a certain number of odds letРІР‚в„ўs say 20 and are selling it for between Sh3000 to Sh5000 or even ten Sh10,000.
These guys are very clever, they will show you screenshots of their previous winnings which are usually high enough to increase your heartbeat.
Some Kenyan fixed match sellers are so creative that they have fake profiles on Facebook, they adopt names of Albanians, Turks and other countries notorious for match fixing. This way, they can lure ignorant Kenyans into buying their matches.
But do fixed matches really exist? The answer will be yes or no depending on the person you ask. Most Kenyans who buy these fixed matches have ended up losing a lot of money to these online cons who purport to sale fixed matches.Р’.
Unknown to the victims, the person who sales these matches could be your next-door neighbor masquerading as an Albanian.
There are a few people who will claim to have won some money after purchasing the odds. I canРІР‚в„ўt disagree on that, in fact it is possible because I also won a bet I had been given by someone.
But that is not necessarily a fixed match, these cons are so good. They will give different outcomes to different people. Then they will tell you not to show your ticket to anyone.Р’.
This way, some of their clients will win while most will lose. They will go back to the clients who won and do the same again. The winning clients would advertise this ‘source’ to their friends who will come to buy the next odds at a slightly higher price than the previous odds, again there will be losers and a few winners.В.
This is the reason why you will never hear of a person who has won twice from the same source.
Online fixed match peddlers have mastered the art of scamming people, they will delete their accounts and create new ones once their conniving ways are exposed.Р’.
There is also a possibility of one person operating many Facebook accounts. This way, he will comment on the credibility of the ‘main source’ claiming to have won a lot from the previous ticket.
Back to our question, do fixed matches really exist? There is no question that matches get fixed. FIFA has been trying for a long time to crack the whip on this worldwide problem but there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. But these matches are not found on Facebook or any other social media platform.Р’.
And if they were, they would be unaffordable to the average Kenyan gambler.
So next time if someone tells you, they have fixed odds, run for your dear life brother.
Thank you for reading my article! You have contributed to my success as a writer. The articles you choose to read on Hivisasa help shape the content we offer. -CHARLES CHEPSIKOR.

Free Fixed Matches are all Scam – How Scammers Make Money?
So someone offered you free fixed matches with no payment? You Gotta Trust them don’t you? But if you believe me, I can guarantee you that they are all scammers. And I will give you in-depth details about how Actual match Fixing Works. If you don’t want to read further, then here is the entire post summary in a single line – Free Fixed Matches Predictions are all scam !
If its a Scam, Why do Scammers say Payment After Win?
Instead of directly answering that Question, let me explain the entire procedure on how the fixed matches scam works.
Step 2: Since the scammer is not asking for payment before giving the tip. Everybody will naturally be interested in trying out if he is a scammer or not.
So the Scammer would tell 500 People that Team A will win, while he will tell the other 500 that Team B would win.
And Guess what? – At the End of the day, there will be 500 very happy people would now trust our Scammer. And they would be happy to pay a sum of let’s say $50 as the promised fee to the Scammer.
Step 3: Approach the 500 People who won.
Now the scammer approaches these 500 people who won the last bet again. And tells that he has fixed matches today, but he wants upfront payment twice as last time as this is a Guaranteed match.
Repeat Step 2 , Divide again into groups of 250 – 250.
Again there will now be 250 people, whom the scammer made rich twice. So their trust in the Scammer is now doubled.
So the Scammer can now happily ask them for more money for the next fixed match, and they might happily pay for it.
The Scammer will keep making money until he has a Single Customer Left.
So now you know, why there are so many Fixed Matches Reports you see on Facebook and whats the idea behind those.
Do Fixed Matches Exist?
Off Course. Fixed Matches have existed since the inception of Sports Betting. But they are not so readily available. Secondly, Free Fixed Matches Predictions doesn’t even make sense. If that match is fixed, how can it be predicted?
In a Fixed Match, a team which has odds with 10/1 (10.0) will win. There is no point bribing the players for a match where the returns are less.
So if someone is offering you match with odds 2/1 (2.0) then he is obviously a scammer.
So stay away from everyone who offer free fixed matches predictions. Follow FBTC’s Free Tips as we provide Best tips with Calculated Risks.
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2 thoughts on “ Free Fixed Matches are all Scam – How Scammers Make Money? ”
God is great, i have been a victim. and i have surely been scammed several times, and if i can account for the money i have been loosing to scammers, then i can commit suicide. you have at last open my eyes. thank you very much and may God bless you, i will now follow FBTC tips only, thank you thank you thank you in deed.

Do fixed matches exist?
Every time we share information about Venas News tips, customers ask, “do you have fixed matches? “When we say, “NO” they get disappointed. What worries me most is that they are quick to believe scammers who claim to have access to fixed matches on daily basis. The scammers actually sell the games at exorbitant prices, leaving the buyers disappointed.
Recently we posted an article of countries where fixed matches are likely to happen and the article had factual details of incidences of fixed matches. The article was intended to provide sensitive information about previous incidences of fixed matches, which were absolutely rare.
We have been in the betting industry and we can detect fixed matches days before they happen. But what I can confirm is that nowadays rules are strict and any official found engaging in this vice is usually arrested and imprisoned. Over time incidences of fixed matches have diminished and are approaching zero.
In common circumstances, fixed matches never happen daily—they are there, of course,but they do happen like once in a month. Occasions where fixed matches occur is during friendly matches, in competition where one team needs to win or draw one game so as to advance to the next stage or in major leagues where a particular team intends to avoid relegation or needs a point to be promoted to a higher division.
What shocks as I that scammers are all over the internet claiming to be selling fixed matches on daily basis. Let me warn you in advance, if you find someone claiming that they have fixed matches on daily basis, don’t even bother to advance in your discussion, end the conversation.
It’s a fact that the niggas who are selling fixed matches live in slums and have zero connection with officials who are arranging for the fixed games. So when that person approaches you with the intention of selling fake fixed matches,dismiss them.
Here at Venas News we sell analyzed games and our matches are 90%-100% sure.We don’t sell fixed matches because in the first instance they rarely exist. If you wish to receive the games, you pay Ksh 1000 per month to our MPESA till number 705909.
Payment procedure is as follows:
Go to MPESA Select Lipa Na MPESA Select Buy Goods and Services Enter Till Number (705909) Enter amount (Ksh 1000) Enter MPESA password and send.
The subscription will expire after one month, where you can renew if you’re satisfied with our work.

What Are Fixed Matches And The Real Truth About Fixed Matches!
What is a fixed match(official): In organized sports, match fixing occurs as a match is played to a completely or partially Predetermined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law. Match-fixing , when motivated by gambling, requires contacts (and normally money transfers) between gamblers, players, team officials, and/or referees.
Match – fixing is the process of intentionally losing a game, through players performing poorly on purpose or corrupt officials. As sports betting has become more detailed and exotic, spot- fixing has risen. Unlike match – fixing , this involves fixing small aspects of games, often inconsequential to the end result.
What do the experts say about fixed matches?
Whether it’s fixed by both teams, a referee taking a bribe favoring one side over another or even by a single player in one team the ending result is known by the fixers.
The tipsters that provide such matches can be divided into two groups – scammers that will give fake stats, give false promises for sure wins and get rich quick schemes and those that put in the hours of hard work to provide a real service.
The Real Truth About Fixed Matches Is There Are Extremely Hard To Secure And Find!
When it comes to paying for information, it is always a tricky situation and even more so in the betting world. And so called tipsters are sending free fixed matches sometimes.
So someone offered you free fixed matches with no payment? You Gotta Trust them don’t you?
But if you believe us, we guarantee you that they are all scammers.
We will give you in-depth details about how actual match fixing works. If you don’t want to read further, then here is the entire post summary in a single line – Free Fixed Matches Predictions Are All Scam ! This Is The Real Truth About Fixed Matches! (For Free)
Now to the conclusion of the topic: The Real Truth About Fixed Matches!
The real truth about fixed matches is that: Yes, there are legit fixed matches, no doubt about that! But, finding one online is a road full of failure because if they were easy to find the odds would drop and there would be no profit in them, not to mention that the authorities would find out.
You should be careful who you trust, fixed matches are very expensive and tipsters giving fixed matches for a ridiculous amount like 50$-100$ is most likely nothing more than a prediction!
We keep them to ourselves to maximize profits without gaining publicity or doubt. We only trust our fixed matches to real investors and veterans of top100soccersites.

The Truth About Fixed Matches.
The Truth About Fixed Matches.
But if some dude or a website tells you to pay an amount X for a fixed match, we can guarantee you that it’s not a fixed match. They run a smart scheme to defraud people. Ask yourself, if that match was really fixed, why would they be selling it to me and not bet on it themselves?
The process of fixing a game is very cumbersome. The referee, the two teams and many other officials have to be in the loop. There are also adverse consequences if a team is caught in a match fixing scandal, they stand a chance of being wiped out of the league or relegated to the last division. Why would the match fixers take such a risk to release information about a fixed game?
How the scam is done.
The people who post on Nairaland and hideous looking ugly websites telling you they have a fixed game, what they do is a clever pyramid scheme. When you even think about it, the information they give is not what a fixed match looks like. If someone says Bury vs barnsley was fixed… seriously. Matches in front of a Stadium full of people that are on Television will never be fixed. It’s too risky for all the parties involved. Don’t forget that more than one player has to be bribed to get a fix to land, especially on events like match results and half time / full time.
You may ask, but i have received a fixed game that has landed, we all know one fix that has landed right? It’s very easy. Let’s consider this examples;
The full time result has 3 possible outcomes, HOME WIN, DRAW and AWAY WIN. They usually have a list of people they intend to send the “fixed” match to. They send a set HOME WIN, another set DRAW and the last set AWAY WIN. Every match would definitely have one of this outcomes and if you are lucky enough to receive a DRAW which actually ended in a draw, you would win and then pay him and also tell about 10 other people.
The same goes for Half time / Full time, There are 9 possible combinations;
These different outcomes are sent to a mixed set of people once again. Definitely one set would win and tell loads of people they have met a real fixed provider. This cycle continues over and over and over again. When they run out of people to scam, they change their names and start over again. People would still pay again! Clever isn’t it?
Before you throw away your hard earned money, ask yourself why they are trying to sell you this information and not use it themselves? Real fixed matches are not posted on social media. If a Malaysian betting syndicate has organized a fixed match in Latvia, do you think they would run to Facebook to post it?

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