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Inkjet PET Film
Inkjet PET Film  
Changzhou Kingpont New Material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2014, is committed to the research, development and industrialization of PET and PVC coating products. Our company can not only provide customers with cost-effective environmental protection products through independent research and development, but also provide customers with personalized overall solutions and high-quality professional technical services.
As a growth oriented high-tech enterprise, our company has a professional research and development team led by Dr. Duan Min, has established an engineering technology research and development center, and has established a close technical cooperation relationship with well-known domestic research institutes. After years of accumulation, our company has a complete ability from product design and development to industrialization.
Our company has two production factories, equipped with high standard purification workshop and customized production facilities, can produce 80 million square meters of various PET and PVC coating products and 2000 tons of water-based environmental protection coatings annually.
Our products are mainly divided into five series: medical consumables series, digital printing and hot stamping series, digital image (studio menu) series, digital image (card film series), and identification label series.
Product Application: The products are mainly used in card, medical image, textile printing, digital image, electronic label, advertising and other fields.
Our Certificate
Various certificates are as follows.
Production Equipment
Our company mainly has coating equipment and slitting equipment, which are used for coating and slitting of various products. The following is the equipment picture.
Production Market
The sales market of our products is divided into two parts: the domestic market and the foreign market. The domestic market covers all regions of the country, while the foreign markets are mainly concentrated in India, the Middle East and North America. The annual sales volume can reach 50 million yuan each Year. The market is broad and the performance is excellent.
Our Service
The company has formulated the quality policy of "based on innovation, scientific development; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", and strictly implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to continuously ensure and improve product quality, constantly meet customer expectations and needs, and strive to make every customer satisfied.
Pre sales service: We increase scale customization on the basis of existing products to meet the personalized needs of customers. Send samples according to your needs, so that you can try them before buying
On sale service: Timely provide you with the production of goods to ensure that the products meet the requirements. If you needs to change the order, our company will also fully cooperate to ensure that your needs are met.
After sales service: In case of any quality problems, our company will provide you with replacement and return services to ensure your satisfaction.Inkjet PET Film

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